top 10 best stocks to buy for the long term in 2023

We will review the 10 best stocks in this post, which will multiply your wealth and make you rich in 2023. Let’s get started. Investors will probably remember 2022 as one of the most complex and challenging years in history, with all three of the most popular stock market indexes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average SP 500 and the NASDAQ Composite, based on growth stocks, hitting their worst points.

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But have fallen between 22 percent and 38. Many people find that a big drop in the market can make them feel bad and test their resolve. Stay invested but history is quite clear that putting money to work during a bear market downturn is a smart move.

Every significant correction and bear market in history has been left in the dust by a bull market rally. This means that 2023 may represent a new one—all the more reason for long-term investors to get started and buy. Let us review our 10 top stocks that will grow your wealth, and make you rich in 2023.

top 10 best stocks to buy for the long term

  1. Meta Platforms Inc
  2. Enterprise Products Partners LP
  3. Mastercard Inc
  4. Berkshire Hathaway stock
  5. NextEra Energy Inc
  6. UnitedHealth Group Inc
  7. PayPal stock
  8. chevron corporation
  9. Nvidia Corporation

best stocks to buy Meta Platforms Inc

Number one meta platform ticker Meta First Up Despite a miserable year Meta Platforms is the world’s leading social media stock, concerns about MetaZ revenue and spending on the Metaverse appear high which bodes the company well for a solid surge in 2023 Meta installs like that.

Facebook’s company Instagram WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are among the four most popular social media sites in the world by the end of October 2022. 3.65 billion people worldwide must have visited at least one of these sites each month, which is more than half the world’s adult population. While the number of monthly active users on Meta has continued to grow even though the economy has been rough at home and abroad, advertisers are well aware that there is no platform on the planet that will give them more exposure to their message than Meta-proprietary.

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Also gives a better chance to reach the audience. The second asset to consider is that Meta has the freedom to spend aggressively on the Metaverse thanks to its $40.5 billion cap. With cash equivalents and marketable securities on its balance sheet, as well as $58.5 billion in operating cash flow during the trailing 12-month TTM period, Meta is looking to position itself as a key entry point for the Metaverse, which is expanding it Might be worth it. A lot of money This is a company that has a lot of cash reserves which can easily spend on high-growth projects while still making a lot of money.

best stocks to buy Enterprise Products Partners LP

Number two Enterprise Products Partners ticker EPD is another top stock that could make you rich in the year ahead. That oil and gas company Enterprise Products Partners pays an enterprise 7.5 percent dividend, and it has grown its base annual payout for 24 consecutive years.

Some of you may be concerned about investing in oil stocks, as enterprise products partners chatter about the looming U.S. recession may allay these concerns.

It is a midstream operator. More than 50,000 miles of transmission pipeline controls and can store two dozen natural gas processing facilities.

top 10 best stocks to buy for the long term in 2023

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14 billion cubic feet of natural gas midstream operators lean on a fixed fee or volume-based contracts. Makes operating cash flow fairly predictable no matter how volatile oil and natural gas spot prices are. Recession Capital investment has plummeted and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made oil and gas hard to get to for parts of Europe without immediate global supplies, ensuring energy commodity prices remain above average.

Good news for enterprise product partners such as midstream operators as domestic drilling is likely to increase.

Mastercard Inc Stock Price, News

Number three MasterCard Ticker MyTentProcessor MasterCard is another rock-solid stock that historically has a good chance for most companies to make investors rich in 2023. Credit card inflation can be a tailwind.

No amount of inflation will deter consumers from purchasing basic necessities. If prices keep rising then people may use credit cards more frequently in the near future. There’s another reason to think that Mastercard is careful with its money.

Shares will soar in 2023 after a rough year in 2022, even though the company will probably do well as a lender, avoiding lending only to those in charge of processing payments made. Mastercard doesn’t have to worry about setting aside capital to cover loan losses. Mastercard’s profit margin exceeds 40 percent because it doesn’t need funds to cover loan losses.

best growth Berkshire Hathaway stock price class b

Number four Berkshire Hathaway ticker brk.a and brk.b Billionaire Warren Buffett isn’t infallible, but he has long been virtually unstoppable in his 57 years as CEO of conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway.

CEO Buffett has overseen a 20.1 percent annual average return for his company’s Class A shares brk.a. That kind of track record certainly makes Berkshire an attractive holding for 2023. The Oracle of Omaha’s success has to do with two key aspects of Berkshire’s investment portfolio.

top 10 best stocks to buy for the long term in 2023

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First, it stacks up with cyclical stocks or companies whose fortunes fluctuate in line with the state of the US economy, even if a recession is inevitable. Buffett’s love for dividend stocks should rake in nearly $6 billion for Buffett’s company over the coming 12 months.
Dividend stocks are almost always profitable and time-tested to outperform in dividend income, yet they also have a history of vastly outperforming companies that don’t offer dividends which makes them a smart holder for patient investors.

top 10 best stocks to buy for the long term in 2023

NextEra Energy stock is a good buy

Number Five Next Era Energy Ticker NE Electric Utility Stock Next Era Energy is the fifth top stock. Which has everything you need to make you rich in 2023 When dividends are taken into account Next Era has given its shareholders positive total returns in 19 of the last 20 years.

The great thing about utility stocks is that their operating models predict the next era. In terms of energy, its customers don’t change their electricity consumption habits from one year to the next. It’s important for a company to Be able to accurately predict its annual cash flow.

This lets the company spend money on acquisitions and dividends on new projects without hurting its profits but focus on green energy projects to really differentiate NextEra Energy from every other electric utility stock.

No power utility in the country is creating much capacity. With oil and natural gas prices from wind or solar power well above the average cost, the savings of leaning on renewable energy are really steep. Out for next-age energy while most utilities slow growth Focus on green energy next year should help it maintain high single-digit earnings growth.

Best stock to buy United health group stock

Number Six United Health Group Ticker Anh Health care giant United Health Group is another company that has never failed to make investors more money, including its dividend.

United Health Group ticks its insurance operations isn’t a fast-growing operating segment, but it usually generates predictable cash flows. Because of the events of calamity that lead to higher payouts.

An imperative for insurance companies, they often have little trouble passing along the high premiums. Individuals and businesses that have policies But insurance is only one reason for United Health Group’s long-term outperformance Much of the credit goes to Optum Company’s healthcare services subsidiary, which is growing organically faster than the insurance segment And its operating margin is also higher. Optum Healthka provides a wide range of services such as software used for reordering and prescription refills for hospitals.

PayPal stock futures to buy now

Number Seven PayPal Holdings PYPL PayPal enables digital and mobile payments on behalf of consumers and merchants around the world. We give more importance to it in the 10 best stocks.

Its namesake platform Venmo and PayPal also announced a new strategic partnership with tech giant Apple that will allow the fintech company’s merchants and consumers to use Apple Pay.

Checkout in a variety of ways, even though some PayPal users are feeling the sting of high inflation. The company’s key performance indicators continue to impress, for example, as 2020 drew to a close the average active PayPal account holder was conducting approximately 41 transactions on a TTM basis but as of the end of June 2022 the average active account was approximately 49 in a TTM period.

Was completing transactions, indicating that PayPal users are becoming more involved over time, even though the economy is tough right now as most of the company’s income comes from high-volume transactions.

An engaged user base is critical to steady earnings growth, PayPal has also historically been the latest to reduce PayPal’s annual operating expenses by at least $1.3 billion in 2023, as well as the company’s $15 billion share buyback program. Taking into account the initiatives announced in 2015, trading Wall Street’s forecast earnings down 22 times the coming year looks like a veritable steal of a deal.

chevron corporation stock quote

top 10 best stocks to buy for the long term in 2023

Number Eight Chevron Corporation Ticker CVX Chevron Corporation an American multinational energy giant is one of the best US stocks to buy for 2023.

The company posted market-beating Q3 results with a free cash flow of $12.3 billion, and revenue of $66.64 billion grew 49.0 percent year over year.

Cohen analyst Charles Raje raised a price target on Chevron Corporation from $160 to $185, beating analyst consensus estimates of $5.2 billion in October 2022 and maintaining an outperform rating on the shares. Analysts see 2023 CAPEX as high as directed.

At the end of the midterm range, while 2022 Permian growth was guided to the low end of the range, he noted that Chevron Corporation reaffirmed a disciplined outlook for MA and share repurchases despite continued balance sheet improvements.

Nvidia corporation a good stock to buy

Our number nine list of 10 best stocks Nvidia Corporation Ticker NVDA Nvidia Corporation is one of the leading US semiconductor firms November 8, 2022, Nvidia Corporation announced that it has launched a new chip in China that will replace the recently introduced U. .s.

US semiconductor maker’s processor that follows new trading rules in October of 2022 Investment advisor Needham reiterated a buy recommendation on Nvidia Corporation but lowered the firm’s price target on the shares as part of a broader research note on semiconductors. was reduced from 170 to 155 dollars. semiconductor devices.

top 10 best stocks to buy for JPMORGAN CHASE Stock Price Today

JPM JP Morgan Chase and Company is a New York-based financial services company that operates through four segments Consumer and Community Banking Corporate and Investment Banking Commercial Banking and Asset and Wealth Management October 14 JP Morgan Chase, and Company posted Q3 Gap EPS of three dollars and 12 cents and revenue of $32.72 billion, beating Wall Street estimates for October 17, 2022, by 23 cents and $840 million, respectively.

The dollar price target analyst said after the company’s third-quarter results that the bank is hitting on all cylinders and that current share levels provide an excellent entry point for a quality franchise, according to data from Insider Monkey. JPMorgan Chase & Co is one of the best AMEs at the end of Q2 2022 compared to 110 funds in the last quarter. Which of these stocks should you invest in 2023, according to Elite Investors? Will consider adding it to the portfolio.

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