3i infotech share price

3i Infotech share price Jan 2023 stock price is around Rs.38. The stock price has been falling steadily this year. This stock price is going to fall further from last year’s numbers. Most of the shareholder investors wait for the stock to fall further.

In December 2022 the stock price was around Rs 40, and in January 2022 the stock price was Rs 92. Last year saw a fall of almost 120%. Shareholders saw significant losses in 2022. If we look at the 2021 stock report, 3i Infotech company has given good returns. In January 2021, the stock price was around Rs.8, and till the end of December 2021, the stock price reached Rs.91. The company gave 1000% profit in 2021.

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3i infotech share price chart

3i infotech Balance Sheet 2022

annual Balance Sheet 2022INR
Cash and short-term investments128 Crore
Total assets960 Crore
Total liabilities257 Crore
Total equity704 Crore
Shares outstanding16.794 Crore
Price to book0.93
Return on assets-1.81%
Return on capital-2.06%
annual Balance Sheet 2022

3i infotech annual Income Statement 2022

annual Income 2022INR
Revenue677 Crore
Operating expense107 Crore
Net income-57.490 Crore
Net profit margin-8.49
EBITDA-31.730 Crore
Effective tax rate-6.27%
annual Income report 2022

3i infotech share was last closed at 39.10. And the market capitalization of the company is Rs.648 crores. The company’s Price to book was 0.93 in 2022.

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