aarti surfactants share price BSE, NSE

Aarti Surfactants primarily caters to personal, oral, industrial, agricultural, and household care industries. The market valuation of the surfactants company is ₹470 crore. The company’s share price is ₹537.10 in the BSE market today and ₹540.80 in the NSE market today. Aarti surfactants ltd company was established in the year 2018. The head office of the company is in India.
As per the report provided by the company, the net income for the year 2022 stands at Rs 5.4950 crore. Genus Power Infrastructures Limited paid 41.04% tax in the year 2022.

aarti surfactants share price BSE, NSE
aarti surfactants share price BSE, NSE

aarti surfactants share price BSE January 2023

DateShare PriceVolume
January 2, 2023625.30209
January 3, 2023622.55464
January 4, 2023650.951.6K
January 5, 2023637.02202
January 6, 2023627.172.1K
January 9, 2023632.301.9K
January 10, 2023624.422K
January 11, 2023628.701.8K
January 12, 2023633.721.2K
January 13, 2023632.051.1K
January 16, 2023637.762.3K
January 17, 2023615.451.2K
January 18, 2023599.902.7K
January 19, 2023590.402.1K
January 20, 2023575.652.3K
January 23, 2023596.802.3K
January 24, 2023580.951.4K
January 25, 2023573.151.9K
January 27, 2023559.553.1K
January 30, 2023549.903K
January 31, 2023543.151.7K
aarti surfactants share price BSE January 2023

aarti surfactants share price BSE chart

Aarti Surfactants Ltd share price NSE chart

aarti surfactants Annual Income Statement

Income Statement2022
Revenue576 Crore
Operating expense97.710 Crore
Net income5.495 Crore
Net profit margin0.95
EBITDA32.1410 Crore
Effective tax rate41.04%
Annual Income Statement 2022

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