Adani wilmar share price target 2025

Today we are going to discuss the stock of Adani Wilmar. You must be aware that the stock market has the most famous stock of the Adani Group only. Adani Wilmar is very much discussed in the list of Adani’s popular stocks. Today we will set our estimate on Adani Wilmar Share Price Target for 2025.

Adani wilmar share price target 2025
Adani wilmar share price target 2025

Adani wilmar famous product

Adani wilmar has made its network in India as well as abroad. And Adani Wilmar, its network has connected more than fifteen thousand retailers in all the countries. Adani Wilmar’s famous product Fortune as well as food product Rice – (Long, Aromatic & Tasty Basmati Rice) Soya Chunks – High on Protein, Besan and Sattu, Pulses – Flavorful & Nutritious Dal, Khichdi – A nutritious & healthy Superfood, Wheat Flour – Experience the freshness of Natural Chakki, Sugar, Fortune 5 minute Soya Chunkies- – Healthy & Tasty Snack, Poha – A healthy Breakfast/Snacking choice and FMCG Products include Soap – A refreshing experience, Alife Handwash & Sanitizer – For Germ-Free Protection is also included.

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Adani wilmar share price chart BSE

Adani wilmar share price high low in 2022

Adani Wilmar’s share price grew by 35% in 2022. In 2022 the stock high was around Rs 809, and the lowest went up to Rs 360.

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Adani Wilmar Future Growth

The company manufactures household products. Which is used in every house. But the market has also brought competitors. If the company targets more marketing, then there can be a jump in the stock. But Adani Wilmar is maintaining its network in 50 other countries apart from India. Looking at the product the stock price is likely to go higher in the market.

Adani wilmar share price 2023

The stock price as on Jan 2, 2023, is Rs.604 approx. The company has given 95+ returns to shareholders in 2022

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But is on a 14% lower session than last year. But if we look at the pattern of the chart, there is a possibility of further fall.

Stock growth can be seen till December 2023. The price of the stock will be around Rs.700 approx.

Adani wilmar share price target 2025

If we make an estimate for 2025 then the stock will go up to Rs 1000 per share. This estimate depends on the share price of 2023. Stock can move up or down 20% depending on the pattern. In 2025 we fix at Rs 1000. But if there is an epidemic in the future then the stock will go up to Rs 700.

Adani wilmar annual Income Statement 2022

Income Statement 2022INR
Revenue54246 Crore
Operating expense3838 Crore
Net income804 Crore
Net profit margin1.48
Earnings per share6.89
EBITDA1832 Crore
Effective tax rate26.14%
Income Statement 2022

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