Friends it is happening that it is in full swing. amazon stock Everyone is getting crushed by what’s happening with Amazon right now. All the major tech companies are going downhill. I’m telling this same old story I’ve been saying over and over again about high-interest rates 10 Companies Everyone Will Start Backing and Amazon is no exception. Listen guys they just announced they are going to cut hiring. One prefers corporate sector employees due to uncertain economic conditions. There is absolutely no good time to invest in the company. It’s like one of the biggest companies in the world.

amazon stock 52-week spread

Let’s look at the business’s 52-week spread of $180 to $188 per share for Amazon and it’s now sitting at 89. People are saying they are scared to get hold of this company why half the stuff you buy? That half is from Amazon. Stuff that anyone buys. He’s like the world’s largest e-commerce shop Amazon now looks at him as a value investor. Then you must be a value investor. Plus it’s extraordinary it’s so good I’m laughing. That’s because I’m talking about people and there was never a quote. Money is transferred from patient to patient. Develop a Strong Mindset for Amazon Stocks Positions So You See with Amazon.

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Let’s analyze Amazon Stocks and do a cross-comparison yes they are suffering quite a bit their P ratio is lower in comparison to the five-year average which is now at 101.38 obviously because of the earnings Although these numbers are both trading at a premium here which we don’t like but they have been pretty consistent with their EPS. It’s not improving much.

Always a little down for 12-12 months and the same with their profit margin it’s a little less. The thing with Amazon is they have amazing revenue growth. They have a very high return on invested capital which is phenomenal. But net income is up. They have a high average RO and their EPS growth has been up for some time now it is down now

Take a look at Amazon this stock price is 89. When last we ‘currently’ this price was around March 2020 pandemic. When I finally unrolled and unrolled myself to the world from March 2020 until now Amazon has been at the forefront of home delivery. they’re killing you by telling me again you won’t tell me this company with google people said we want to find a recession-proof company now e-commerce and nav and amazon yeah it might be a little more difficult than say google.

Amazon Prime Video, gaming, and e-commerce

I take that statement back as to why it would be more difficult than any other company like Google or Meta or something like that you sell everything they sell they sell consumer staples. You need to buy toilet paper. What you don’t you can get everything from amazon you get literally everything from amazon. They also have Amazon Prime Video so you will be thoroughly entertained. They have all these different things in the pipeline. they have gaming, they’re going to be involved in gaming as well as all these different aspects of making money so this company is well diversified

analyzed Amazon stocks

Have analyzed Amazon in the past and my biggest problem was that the company’s prices were a bit too high. 142 I can’t remember the last time I analyzed this business. When a company’s prices go down because it means they are at less risk. Revenue has been growing over the last five years, so you’re not really taking anything away.

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So I want to anticipate that there could be a cut in revenue. Maybe they haven’t been doing as much in the last few years. As much as they have done over the years because 2020 to 2022 has been phenomenal for this business from the pandemic alone because everyone was at home I could not have anticipated those same numbers going forward.


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