best 5 stocks to invest in 2023 | stocks Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nike, and American Express.

best 5 stocks you need to focus on as an investor. When I say investor I believe that value investing and investing, in general, are the same thing, and if you watch four or five of our blogs you will walk away with a better understanding of money and you will see my face. and hear my voice for four or four. Five blogs that may not possibly be the best thing that ever happened to you, So 5 stocks Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nike, and American Express.

Now while I’m not saying buy them today, that’s part of the process, but these are five companies that I think have an amazing gap in invested capital and great balance sheets, but the question is The key question is what is the right price to pay. So let’s use our eight-pillar process and start with Microsoft.

5 Best Stocks to Invest in 2023

  1. Microsoft Corp
  2. Alphabet Inc Class A (Google)
  3. Nike Inc
  4. American Express Company
  5. Apple Inc

Microsoft stock history

Microsoft is currently a $1.7 trillion company even for a day, with an enterprise value of 86 trillion at one point, so that means enterprise value if you bought the entire company with all the debt attached to it, So there’s about $160 billion in debt.

Five-year PE is a bit high, but look at these margins, huge profit margins, this is after tax because of the high return on invested capital, let’s go right, all-time highs almost as well.

A year ago 350A Shares it is currently at 227, and I guarantee that a year ago people said the stock is not going to go up to 227, in a year it will never go to 227. nice to see right here high revenue growth high net income growth similar stocks I don’t like the fact that they’re buying back shares and the stock is probably expensive right here okay low debt and high free cash flow growth but then SE’s five-year PE is approximately 35.

The five-year price to free cash flow is 35. I’m saying pay attention if you’re new to this and it might sound daunting, if this company was going to be 20 for the next 20 years I’d buy it all day today but we don’t know what it Let’s look at analysts’ projections Let’s look at analysts’ estimates they’re showing doubling Doubling profit over the next four or five years Very high growth level Earnings per share and revenue growth of 50 percent over the next four or five years Growth happens, so there’s still growth going on, Microsoft is involved in everyone’s life as the world gets more and more modern.

is Microsoft a good stock to buy in 2023

We still have the entire continent of Africa that needs to be modernized, still energized throughout China and India, they still have a lot to modernize, and there is still huge potential for companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nike, and American Express, every A company that we are talking about today, that’s why I chose them, these are the companies that can become multi-baggers. What is a multi-bagger if you buy them at the right price Multi-bagger is a company that you buy.

You put in a call for a long time and it grows 5 10 15 20 times more than your money but you have to put it for a long time and the most important thing is to find the right price.
Now let’s go to our stocks analyzer tool. I’ll do a 10-year analysis if you go into the past like in my Microsoft video, there are going to be different numbers for each one, the idea here is where we stand, To get a general idea of ​​this, so the first line is revenue growth. I’m going to say for the next 10 years let’s say this is feces and as my high side profit margin goes to five percent eight percent eleven percent.

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I’m going to say the same with the 28 30 and 32 and free cash flow because free cash flow and profit should be similar long term should be very similar and you noticed here in this company it’s pretty similar to PE now it that is the PE sought at the end of 10 years. To that end, it’s still a big company big so the growth potential is going to be down you have the fact that in PE so I’m going with 14 uh 15 and a half 17. And the same with the price of free cash flow finally my assumption for desired annual return the higher the amount of security needed and that is what is your desired return.

What is your margin of safety? Now we were already conservative here so you want very low desired returns, but you can invest in the stocks market at nine or ten percent. I’ve had a few people make these low assumptions and still put 10 here me personally I have to top it up a bit.

I’m going with 12 13 and 14%, I hit the analyze button, and remember guys I need you to watch this over and over again because it’s all about repetition. I know this may sound confusing, but it really isn’t when you hear it as more and more people in our community hear it. Thousands of people have learned it very well and we use it every day. It is the most popular part of our website boom. The low price of 110 low prices is 188 medium price of 144. Ok, so it’s still showing it has ways to go it’s on my watch list at 195.

It doesn’t mean I am buying it at 195 it means I am going to start selling put at 195. So if I want to sell but let’s say for example and what does it mean I want to give someone the right of coercion?
This allows me to pay to buy a stock at a certain price in the future in order to wait for the stocks to go to the price I want. So let’s say for example I won it at 180.
Let me go to 130 on March 17, 2023. The 180-strike price from now is 3.83 cents. So I can sell the rights to someone for three dollars and 83 cents which forces me to buy the stocks at 180.
now what is the risk is two things first risk. I am not worried about it basically saying well on march 17th if it is 1 50 I am still paying 180.

But the reason I am selling it at 180 is if I want it at 180 that is to say I am buying it when it reaches 180 no matter if it is 150 on 17th March I have either paid 184 already or I am forced to pay for it for 180 on 17th March the real risk I see is what is the difference in the next 1? Something happens in 30 days where my thesis on Microsoft completely changes and I don’t think Microsoft is worth 180 anymore, I think it’s worth 120. Oh, that’s a concern so it’s a good way for me to make 3.83 which is a little bit about two percent of my money for the next 130 days so it’s about 6 percent a year waiting for the stocks to go to that price is the one I want to go with and it’s a great way to generate income so you can feel comfortable waiting for the stocks to drop because I know I’m with you sometimes I’m like the man It’s worth a lot of me is close.
Why don’t I buy just because I sold the option I put myself in as a way to do something and pay to wait for the stocks price to go up I wanted to go if it stays above 180 So I just put 3.83 if it drops below 180 I put 3.83 but I still get the stocks at eighty dollars so I’m essentially paying a 176 for the stocks all right.

best stocks to invest Alphabet Inc Class A (Google)

Next company google let’s go to google again 1.15 trillion enter’s market cap of 1.23 growth value really very little debt, in fact, they have total current assets of 166 billion 116 billion on cash out of which cash on hand and They have total liabilities of $105 billion so that they can pay off all their liabilities for the entire company.

How incredible is the cash in their bank accounts, so it’s a company like Microsoft, when companies have low debt, it’s very difficult to break even, it’s about staying there, look at these margins, let’s go back to the main page Viewed from 56.1% gross margin 23’s bottom line profit margin isn’t as high as Microsoft’s, but still a high return on invested capital last year and an all-time high return of 152 percent over the 15-year five-year period of 14 and 15.

It currently stands at 88. now, this is one, in particular, I remember reading a comment someone made when they said oh google never goes that low where they said it will never go, and guess what I guess That it is going down because if the market goes down and down and down the biggest market cap stocks will be pulled down with it when people are selling their ETFs. It’s all about selling everything which means you should bail no bail just be patient ok so let’s go like eight pillars.

Microsoft we got a high PE and a high price to free cash flow and everything else looks great it was a little expensive to buy again shares I really don’t like that with a five-year P of 25 it’s not the worst and I can make a justification for Google at this price, but I’m looking for the next company with higher returns.

is Nike a good stock to buy right now

Nike people Nike is not going away, Nike is going to be around for a long time, same thing with all the other companies 180 high. 93.94 currently it’s recently as low as 82 bucks another company oh it’s not going to drop that much it’s this kind of stuff eight pillars are familiar with now the one difference is they have their five years of free cash flow

There’s a decline in oh so that’s me okay let’s see what happened here it was a fluke okay whatever it is I don’t bother me I’m gonna focus on this five-year average free cash flow number It doesn’t bother me at all but again I am getting very good companies and I want to wait to get the right price for them.

American express best stocks to buy now

The next company is American express now you can be like oh it’s warren Buffett he loves this company, yeah American express is awesome. I have an American Express It’s great customer service It’s like the luxury of an um credit card. Very high margin Good growth Good profit margin, not the biggest but PE is only 15 with a five-year price to PE of 19.

But I want to sit here and see why it’s only 15. Now remember look at this big jump I mean it’s really gone up the profit is huge it’s sustainable I don’t know a thing now I’m going to look at American Express late 2000s Going back to the last recession, so you look at 2005 for revenue, so we have 22 billion 23 27 29 drops 25 and all goes well so it drops.

Let’s go to the net income line 3.9 3.5 4.1 3.3 1.6 points three so it’s actually yeah it had a collapse and it was a bad downturn but does that mean it’s going to buy I don’t know Maybe the right time, I don’t know the exact time. Eight Pillars Now Five years of free cash flow is tough because of the kind of company this is. We’re not sorry for the level of debt I mean you don’t really know but I mean everything else is a check mark so keep it on your radar it’s going to be 200 in February of this year Was on and it’s only at 150 now it’s only dropped 25 from its high which is still worse than the market I think but either way, it’s okay it’s something to consider and I’m really American Express here So let’s look at American Express.

American Express Let’s go to January 20th and let’s look at 130 bucks so someone is willing to pay me two dollars and seventy cents for the right to sell American Express at 130 in 74 days so it’s essentially 70 to 74 days for two percent is 74 times five so it’s basically a 10% annual return because five 574 days in a year is the time frame roughly and two percent times five is ten percent so I got paid ten percent to sit there and wait for American Express to hit 130 per share if I keep doing this over and over and I don’t sign the shares I’m still going to make 10 of my money all right.

Apple stock is a good buy for 2023

The last company Apple is now Apple’s interesting and this is because our friend Warren Buffett has bought Apple his Apple now

I believe the sub is 140 so he is probably buying Apple now. I have no reason to believe, that when he was buying and then stopped buying, I was like maybe I think 140 price is the highest price this year for Apple, which Earlier this year was at 183. and the lowest 129 and he was back the following June. We are on June 15th or June 16th, so we are still five or six percent away from that seven percent. Let’s see, let’s look at the eight pillars first it does Look familiar people great companies abound.

It is understandable friends when times are booming in the biggest companies they go big due to great enthusiasm. This is a voting machine. In the short term everyone loves Apple they bid on it I personally believe Apple will be the last stocks to fall the hardest which will be our signal that the market is nearing the bottom when people also buy Apple Tesla left but you see tesla is having some troubles the last few days so let’s look at the Apple folks our analyst estimates four to six percent per share per year for the next four or five years Not a good business income, revenue growth two to five percent so it’s not a fast-growing business so you have to pay the right price for it because it’s not going to grow a ton so I don’t know what the right price.

Let’s call it revenue growth here two four and six percent. Let’s say they crush it at six percent side profit margin let’s go with 20 22 and 24 percent free cash flow 22 23 23 and 24 and 26 PE now guys that’s quite a ditch. It’s got a high return on invested capital, so I like it but I still want to be somewhat conservative.

Get paid to do your own research Join our community You’ll be able to talk to thousands of people here about your investment ideas and to get an idea of ​​what’s going on, I mean it when I say Trust me it will get easier so for Apple the price hits the analyze button a lot less than everyone else I’m at 60 to 90 bucks with a median price of 75 I have 100 listed on my watch so I put I can start selling, this is the way. I appreciate your time


I am not a financial advisor. Always engage a Financial Adviser to advise you on financial decisions. Always do your research as the information and tips shared in these blogs are for educational purposes only. The Information and tips are therefore not investment advice. If you decide to invest without your own research, you do so at your own risk. No rights can be derived from the information discussed in this blog. investing involves risks, you can lose (part of) your investment.

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