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Which are the top crypto coins on your radar in 2023? If we get a rally in the market in 2023 then very low caps may pump all the coins. They absolutely give 10 20x returns. Crypto may not do very well yet many are still calling for lower lows and the stock market probably leads to lower lows in the crypto markets. Be careful before doing anything. Let’s start talking about Polygon Man 2023.

5 Crypto Coins To Watch In 2023

  1. matic
  2. Arbitrum
  3. aptos
  4. Ethereum
  5. bitcoin

What a big year for Polygon. So many crazy partnerships from Starbucks to Instagram and over 37 000 apps currently running on Polygon. It is a major player in the adapt space. The major player in the crypto space Polygon has also flipped Binance Smart Chain in daily transactions but could 2023 be another big year for Polygon I think the answer is yes. I have no idea what a large-scale participation polygon is.

new cryptocurrency release 2023

zkevm This is their layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum Zkevm. This could be a new major catalyst for Matic Token as however Ethereum will be used for gas fees on ZK evms. Network Matic will be used for staking and governance. The cool Layer Deuce is basically the talk of the town right now.

So I hope zkevm will be released when it comes. I don’t have an exact release date yet, which is a big deal now. The topic of layer two is, of course, I need to talk about arbitrage I know there’s no arbitrage token yet but it’s going to be an absolutely insane airdrop if that happens and look there’s so much money on arbitrage right now. So many whales someone with a thousand bucks in someone account is probably not going to get a super huge airdrop.

You may depend on how the arbitrage decides to do it in the end and I hope it doesn’t if you have a small account. It’s all just a whale game. But we need to keep the expectations about the size of this airdrop in check as everyone has been expecting this airdrop for a while now.

Arbitrum – Top Next Crypto coins to Explode in 2023

Everyone is using Arbitrim and many have positioned themselves to try and get a big payout when it does happen with that being said Arbitrim has been a leading layer two players for the Ethereum network.

Although Optimism is currently trading slightly higher daily transactions than Arbitrim, Arbitrim has been maintained fairly consistently. Disregarding on the chain at almost two times more value locked in when compared to optimism being told not to buy the listing FOMO pump.

When we get an Arbitrum token FINALLY listed if you didn’t get the airdrop the listing happens when everyone else gets the airdrop exiting

So watch out too, I’ll be taking a deeper look at the arbitrage season story and new launches and things like GMX on this hot layer that was super hot and outperformed the market. Now let’s talk about the new series.

Aptos New Crypto coins

One particular Aptos the Solana has been killer spoilers since its launch in a bear market but really the Aptos reminds me of the Solana. When Solana launched it was trading up like a dollar and going up like 50 cents. It was just another blockchain and ac where no one really wanted to buy anything in the crypto space.

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Certainly not the shiny new blockchain carrier market that was still in full swing when the Covid crash just happened but Solana, like Aptos, had big VC backing. VCS dumped so much money into the Solana ecosystem that it’s pumped like crazy. They’re trying to do the same with Aptos and maybe Sui Networks.

When it comes out basically they want an ROE on their investment they are going to dump a lot of money. To try and jumpstart that Eagles system. Joe is pumping Aptos coin, just like he did with Solana. That being said again Aptos is not really keen on buying Aptos at current prices. I’d be more interested in low prices basically under a dollar.

Ethereum – crypto coins

The big boys talk about the big boys and yes, I know it hardly revolutionary to talk about bitcoin and ethereum. But large companies are reaching such low valuations during this bear market and they will certainly be early movers in any major market rally. This really makes them especially watchful of catalysts that can drive their prices higher. Remember these coins are now going to go up 10 20 times in the next bull run.
Let’s talk about Ethereum two big things are going to happen in 2023 that are reasons to keep a close eye on eth.

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The first is the Shanghai upgrade which means that staked Ethereum will finally be eligible to be unlocked. While this will certainly bring sell pressure, my guess is that most stackers are probably just going to bet and more importantly this is going to be a big signal for a big rush of money. That they can finally feel comfortable joining Ethereum. Because they know they can get the liquidity. They can exit whenever they need to and cannot stay there indefinitely. I think it will attract even more institutional money, yes. Some people will sell but because of this more money will come.

bitcoin – best crypto for 2023

The second reason is that layer two is bursting, remember a few minutes ago we talked about the zke evm, yeah it’s just going to drive arbitrary demand for ethereum. Optimism they are doing massive transactions. D5 for Ethereum locking up a lot of demand in huge amounts of total debt and beyond ZKVM another dozen are coming in like layer two.

All of which is going to create new demand for Ethereum Plus. If there is a new NFT season.
Let’s talk about bitcoin here are some numbers for you from 2022. Last year 572 000 bitcoins were bought on and off exchanges. That’s only 2.1 million bitcoins sitting on exchanges right now. You know that many people are too lazy to transfer their coins. Hardware wallet you also have people, they are using it for business.

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Like stuff it’s not really for sale, but 2.1 million coins seems like a lot anyway. Unless you remember that both Coinbase and Binance have over a hundred million users. There are 62.5 million millionaire errors in the world.

So if you just look at the millionaires, they can all buy only 0.033 bitcoin per person considering that or the amount of bitcoin currently listed on exchanges. Blackrock launched its bitcoin fund last year and that’s about all of Blackrock’s next penny. Only 0.3 percent of Bitcoin allocated to buy every single coin currently sitting on exchanges.

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