easy trip planners ipo share will get 1 on 3 bonus

Easy Trip Planners Ltd has made a big announcement, it is now giving 1:3 bonus shares, with a big disclosure, one share can be divided into two pieces, announced on record date. If you like to buy shares of mid-cap company then there is good news for you. Easy Trip Planners Company has announced 1:3 Bonus Shares to the investors.

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Easy Trip Planners Ltd IPO: This is good news for the share-holders of the mid-cap company Easy Trip Planners Ltd. Easy Trip Planners has announced the issue of bonus shares to its investors in the ratio of 3:1. If you believe in the company, then you just have to buy 1 share, in return the company will give you 3 shares on the basis of bonus. In addition, Easy Trip Planners is preparing to split the stock in the ratio of 1:2. It is clearly visible to you that the company is engaged in preparing two parts of one share. The record date has been fixed for the good news. Shares of Easy Trip Planners Ltd today closed at Rs 398.15, up by 1.12%. Last year the IPO of Easy Trip Planners came.

Easy Trip Planners Ltd ipo share news

Easy Trip Planners company today said in a stock exchange that in accordance with Regulation 42 of the Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements Regulation, 2015, the company has fixed the record date as November 22, 2022. Approval has been granted to split each equity share of face value of Rs 2 into two equity shares of face value of Rs 1 each, according to the statement. With this, Easy Trip Planners Company will issue 3 bonus equity shares for every equity share.
Easy Trip Planners gave 281.99% return in 20 months
Shares of Easy Trip Planners Limited have given handsome returns to its investors. The company’s shares were at an all-time high of Rs 104.15 on BSE on March 19, 2021. Share market of Easy Trip Planners closed at Rs.398.15 on BSE today. In the last 20 months, the shares of the company have given a whopping return of around 281.99% to the investors. Easy Trip Planners shares have given a return of around 55.98% in the last one year.

Why the rise in Easy Trip Planners stock?

Easy Trip Planners company provides digital facility to the user like:- Travel, Airlines ticket, Rail ticket, Bus ticket, Visa processing facilities. If you have a look at the market value, there is no other company in the world like Make My Trip that can compete with this company. In March 2020, the company released its branch list, which has branches in all major cities of the country. According to CISIL, Easy Trip Planners company has always been profitable.

FAQ Easy Trip Planners share stock

What is the Easy Trip Planners Ltd stock price today?

Market Summary- Easy Trip Planners Ltd
401.55 INR
+3.95 (0.99%)today

What is the future of ease my trip share stock?

To make the stock market easy, you will find it profitable to buy shares when the entire stock market is over, and when the entire market is filled with greed, you should sell the shares.

Is ease my trip good investment?

ease my trip company has never made a loss. It gives digital facility to the user. Due to which the company has always been in profit. When company is giving you bonus then you should jump in stock market.


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