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EPR Properties stock ticker symbol is EPR. It is currently trading for $32 per share which pays a dividend every month. They now have a nice dividend yield of 8 percent from their website. It’s always nice to see lots of useful information and a nice website, but I learned a few things while researching this company. One of which is that an experiential reef is now a REIT and the REIT is a real estate investment trust. The term experiential real estate investment trust is derived from experience.

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Theme Parks Water Parks Movie Theaters All good stuff if that’s the kind of game you’re into but I’ll leave it for when you’re doing your research RCH and I’ll just give you the basics. EPR is a diversified experiential net lease real estate investment trust. So experiential like I said fun. You know water park go-karts and net lease means that the tenant pays the expenses involved in the business. Insurance tax maintenance EPR is like the owners of these businesses.

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It has two segments which are experiential in education and experiential or fun time segment has 175 movie theaters 56 leisure and sports properties 18 attraction properties such as theme parks 11 ski properties 8 experiential accommodation properties that have gaming.

epr stocks dividend history

One three cultural and seven fitness and wellness properties and the education segment as you probably guessed includes education-type properties. There are mainly 65 early childhood education centers and nine private schools. You can find his investment portfolio and his properties on his website. EPR stated that their portfolio consists of the ownership and long-term mortgages on these properties. They have investments in approximately 44 states in the United States and all of the company-owned single-tenant properties are leased under long-term triple net leases. Their profits are good.

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Taking a look at their profits as per recent 2 1 2 yearly profit margin trading is 18.55 percent which is good. That’s up 25 percent even better than last quarter with revenue of 160 million 160 and a half million. Net income of $40.91 million over the previous year. His net worth swelled to $5.8 billion to total liabilities of $3.18 billion. Their debt-to-asset ratio is around 55 which is actually not that bad over the last quarter. EPR was established in 1997

epr properties stock

The EPR stock has a 52-week high of 56.38 and a 52-week low of 40.68. That’s getting close to being the cheapest in a year going back forever in EPR Properties’ dividend history. It actually goes back as far as 1997. Chef 2008 it was paying 84 cents per share and then in 2009, it was paying 65. Had to tone things down a bit, this is a huge drop even in 2013. It is growing very healthily. I like the sound of the business model where the tenants pay for everything. Just EPR owns the property, but the tenants own all the stuff that is included.

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$42 per share is paid each month for summing up the EPR stock assets. Which was established in 1997 and claimed to be the leading experiential real estate investment trust for the last 20 years. If owning real estate or a real estate investment trust is something you are interested in then this may be the one for you. This one is unique. Plus you know Attractions Experiential Lodging Gaming Fitness and Wellness. Now this is an interesting one and also if anyone knows any other real estate investment trusts that are similar to this you know quite unique

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