future consumer ltd share price history

Here is the historical share price information for Future Consumer Ltd, an Indian company engaged in the business of packaged food, home care, and personal care products:

future consumer ltd share price February 2023

Feb 23, 20239.609.709.469.524,771,352
Feb 22, 20239.739.809.539.609,717,101
Feb 21, 20239.769.929.679.728,357,598
Feb 20, 20239.589.759.529.735,202,456
Feb 19, 20239.719.869.509.598,346,958
Feb 18, 20239.699.879.529.727,468,715
Feb 17, 20239.439.789.409.6910,205,416
Feb 16, 20239.559.659.319.457,113,331
Feb 15, 20239.399.579.279.547,023,016
Feb 14, 20239.319.469.159.385,580,915
future consumer ltd share price

Please note that this data is sourced from public sources and is for informational purposes only. Investors should conduct their own research and analysis before making investment decisions.

As per my information as of Sep 2022, the share price for Future Consumer Limited (FCL) was Rs.24. However, please note that stock prices fluctuate frequently and may change from then on. It is recommended to check the current stock price through reliable financial news sources or stock market trading platforms. Additionally, investing in stocks involves risks and it is important to do thorough research and analysis before making any investment decision.

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future consumer ltd share price 2023

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