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In today’s blog, Top Growth Stocks Adani Group. I am going to talk about one such industry in which Mr. Gautam Adani has recently every time Mr. Adani has invested in any industry or started a new company in that particular industry which is particularly Stock skyrockets B Tadani Green, Adani Wilmar, Adani Power, Adani Ports and more..

Every single stock has given insane returns when it comes to Adani, so is this industry a multi-bagger industry? We are going to do that analysis I am going to systematically analyze some of the major stocks. This is the industry you can consider investing in and at the end, I will give my verdict on whether I will invest in some of these stocks or not so let’s start the discussion and what industry I am talking about Drones I am talking Industry So in case those who don’t know what a drone looks like, just see what it looks like here And drones can be used in that particular industry, so from that point of view you need to remember two business concepts. The first is called a use case, so use case only means usability for example the use case of this pen is to write on a tablet. The use case of this pen is not to write on books so the use case simply means where the drone can be used or any piece of technology can be used.

Adani group growth drone company stock

So right now the use cases for drones are getting split and this geography is being created in cross-functions across industries. The range of applications is huge when it comes to drones, second is the proof of concept regarding these use cases. What this simply means is that for example, you may have seen a lot of drones being used to deliver pizza in the US now that a proof of concept has been created.

Now in order to generate a proof of concept a company needs to take a look at a number of things. For example, can they do it effectively can they do it cheaply is there a comparative advantage if they do it all these different things go into evidence. For any new technology to be viable, concept creation needs to come into play in that one requires a wide use case or applicability and the other is the need to generate proofs of concepts quickly and efficiently. If need be, then how is the situation of drones in India?

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Let us do a very quick analysis out there and what are the major levers or drivers in terms of generating growth in the drone industry. If we try to understand the overview of the drone industry in India then we have to remember two specific points. The thing about use cases is that use cases are still being created in India, it is in the very early stages.

The use cases or applications of drones in India will start first in the agriculture sector and second in defense, and if they are going to the defense side then government intervention becomes quite extensive. These are the two primary use cases of drones in India now have a range of companies.

Aspects of Use Cases Regarding Drones, the two primary use cases for drones in India right now seem to be number one agriculture and number two defense. So these are the two primary use cases and two things need to happen for these use cases to be made in India and to accelerate the drone industry in India.

First and foremost the government regulations need to be adapted and secondly, the users want to buy the drone.

Now users can be users like you and me who want to make youtube videos traveling to some exotic places like in Laila dark etc other users and primary users seem to be big corporations in India right now.

For example, there are agriculture-based companies that are trying to improve crop productivity. They will buy this type of drone, customize it and use it in the fields to improve agricultural productivity. It will not become a B2B product but a B2C product. I hope this basic understanding is clear now with that new point in mind.
Let us very quickly understand the scenario of government regulations in India, so fast history is that till 2018 government regulations in India were not very favorable regarding drones. After 2018, the government started inspecting. As you know the application of drones is very wide. It is affecting a range of different countries.

China, the USA, and Amazon use a lot of drones. A lot of drones are being used in Israel. It is becoming one of the most important places for research.

Drones So the bottom line is that looking at the application of drones the Indian government also started heating up on the idea of ​​drone technology so the Indian government came up with something in the form of the Drone Rules 2021 which is a more liberal one for UAVs.

There was the regime which is unmanned aerial vehicles, which includes drones and they established a set of norms and rules that were somewhat favorable in the case of recent drone-based startups. Launched a single window clearance system called Digital Sky Platform.

If you are someone who is trying to build a drone-based startup in India, the number of clearances you need has come down quite fast.
Now see this I am praising the government. Any good work that the government does and the less regulation it has.

That makes me very happy and that should make you very happy too. I’m a proponent of a free market, that’s what I keep saying the free the market is, the more opportunities there are for entrepreneurs and startup creators to come and work in the private sector exist for you and as employees and Benefit from these current trends.

Has the Indian government made a rule on drones?

Keeping yes t in mind, the good thing about the drone industry in India right now is that the government regulation seems to be very friendly and is acting as an accelerator for the growth of this industry. can act as. In fact, the Government of India went to the extent of banning the import of drones except for defense and security purposes.

This was somewhat of an important step as many drones are being used right now from the security point of view. It becomes important to adopt this technology indigenously. today’s word is swadeshi tell me what it means.

It is very important that from a defense or security point of view we are able to manufacture this technology internally. This is the important message and the government seems to be on the right track when it comes to this industry is talking about the customer very quickly now. The point of acceptance is that it is one thing that the government has come up with positive rules, but another. The point is, there should be customers in India, the short answer is yes. In fact, the Indian Army was not very hot earlier.

The idea of ​​using drones now here is a very quick snippet and something very interesting. There is a company called new space research and technology Pvt Ltd.

Which is run by a former Indian air force officer Mr.Sameer Joshi And he is trying to take this idea to the Indian Air Force and Indian Army To make the long story short the government seems to be favoring this industry and customer acceptance is building in this industry, so you are very excited. Hey Mr. Gotham I want to be super rich like Adani and I also want to invest in this industry. What are some important things that I know?
You need to know two things one is what is the ecosystem or value chain in which you can invest secondly what are the major players in that ecosystem so let me help you break it down in a very systematic way.

What are the four different options for investing in drone startups?

First and foremost we have four different options to invest in drone-based startups or drone-based companies in India and they target different parts of the value chain, so what is the value chain? I’ll take it out now and explain.

The first part has to do with RD-based companies in India. Right now there are not many r and d based drone technology companies in India, which are market leaders. Most of the high-end research so far comes from Western countries. But it is expected that in the future we may be able to generate a lot of r d indigenously.
I hope you must have googled it and let me know in the comment box what it means.

The second part major sector is OEMs which are Original Equipment Manufacturers. So many parts that are used or functionality that is used in drone-based. Industries are being manufactured in India. It can indeed become one of the key segments that can give a boost to high-end manufacturing in India.
The third major part is service-oriented location, it is the most prominent place in India because now service-oriented location simply means that for example, if we have a western company, let’s say big in agriculture. It is an agriculture-based monopoly.

If it comes to India and it is looking for specialized services to improve crop productivity in India using drones there will be a service provider who will do a lot of data analytics for Monsanto Different types of cameras will fit different functionalities on the ground and in the same way it becomes a service to increase the productivity of the crop. A company in India that specializes in using drones. It is supporting another multinational player in terms of improving its scale and efficiency.
The fourth and final point is about the contract. Manufacturing So you must have read recently that iPhones are going to be mass manufactured in India so what is it that is contract manufacturing?

Now, these types of contract manufacturing systems are growing in a big way in India and drones have become one of the smaller sectors.

That contract manufacturing space so is the landscape of the companies that we have and they can be classified into three different types of companies that exist.

Investing in unlisted large Companies

will be a listed company. For example, there is a listed company like Paris Defense this is one of the stocks which I am going to discuss very shortly.

It is a listed company. There is a lot of useful informational literature available that will help you understand more about the work that Paris protects.

The second type of company is present within the drone space in India. For example, there are large unlisted companies, and companies such as Info Edge have gone and invested in startups that have now become a bit bigger. These can be classified as unlisted companies. Similarly, Zomato has invested in drone-based startups, and a slew of different companies, including Adani. Who has recently bought a stake in a company? Also called General Aeronautics. It will now be classified as a slightly larger unlisted company by re-investment volume,

Then comes the third layer, which is the new-age startups. These startups keep popping up here, and there they shut down quite quickly.
In short, there are three such investment options that you can look for in the number one listed companies.
How can you get into the number two big unlisted companies? The third would be unlisted smaller companies. In this third category, I will ask you to conclude, as you and I would not have enough information for ordinary retail investors.

Now let us start discussing some of the major investment options by categories. Which were created first.
Most important I will talk about how if you want to invest in publicly listed companies then there are three major options in the game.

  • there is a Paris defense
  • the other is called zen technology
  • The third one is called Ratan India.

Whether you should consider investing in one of these three companies or a combination of all three important points to remember are the following, the number one use cases for drones are still being made. This is a brand-new industry. If you are betting on say hypothetically, speaking Paras Raksha, and if this drone vertical does not grow much, and you have invested because of the drone industry then yes then you are betting wrong.
The main point that you need to remember is that all these three companies have different verticals. Drones are not the only vertical in which they are active.
Third, all these three companies are recently listed or very new or their drone vertical is very new profitably. There is no certainty of revenue.

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Let me prove this point by showing you the first point, the financial position of Ratan India. You can see here that if you analyze their financial statements from March 2019 onwards, their revenue has hardly been accurate. This brand new company is hardly doing anything, they are probably doing too much R D. That’s why you are seeing negative all these numbers. You will be super impressed by that 400 crore profit ok how do they reach this 400 crore profit so this is other income it is not income from operations ok. Regarding Rattan India, it is an untested company, so to say that you are literally betting here. There is no logic to invest in this company.
The second is the main point. Let us look at zen technology and let us go through the details quickly then what you will find is that it is actively involved in the indigenization of technologies that are beneficial to Indian armed forces t8 police and para-military forces. It is a double-edged sword because the only way to accelerate their business is if they are able to work together with the government and Mr. Adani has already entered into it, you guys are smart.
You know what I’m trying to say that’s a huge risky bet for me so I’m not going to invest now comes para defense so I’ll quickly take you through the numbers first this company is doing some sales And the best part is that they are doing it profitably. Not so much for a publicly listed company, but they are on the right track, at least their proof of concept is there.

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If I had to choose one of these three stocks, I would choose Paris Defense. You see clearly 44 45 part of the revenue comes from heavy engineering. This is not a drone-based build, so again nothing to do with drones. When it comes to defense and space optics their revenue is huge this is a major one. The flow of revenue for them and again with the drone has its limited functionalities.

That’s the negative part but the positive part is that when it comes to drone-based manufacturing and designing drone-based systems the synergy is very high for something like Paras Defense because they are already in this field.

Heavy manufacturing optic space They already have a bunch of government contracts. It may be easier for them to win contracts when they really start scaling their drone-based vertical numbers. Let me talk about three more companies in which you can invest to take indirect ownership in drone-based industries, then First is the information edge.

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This is one of the biggest tech companies in India, they are running things like, etc. Quite a big player they have recently invested in a company called Skylark Drones. Let me tell you very quickly what the Skylark drone is doing. This is a very good framework for that they are increasingly in road survey drone applications huge accurate volumetric measurements again.

Very important especially in areas where landslides happen, and a bunch of other natural calamities. This volumetric measurement can be very useful. It comes down to accurate yield estimation. Solar energy is rapidly being deployed in the agriculture sector.

So, it looks like a very broad startup.
I personally would not invest in such a company, as the RD is under construction right now, so from that angle investing in drone-based startups makes more sense.

A classic case at this point would be General Aeronautics in which Mr. Gautam Adhani has bought a 50% stake. In agriculture and basically, his work is focused on agriculture then at least it is a focused startup backed by Mr. Adani which is most likely to win a government contract. In short, it sounds like a great startup to invest in.
now comes the third one Rometo and swiggy so zomato actually acquired a company called tech eagle in 2018 and it’s working in terms of amping up your delivery through drones now think about it this way the current In the US Zomato has a delivery partner workforce of around 1.5 lakh people considering the amount of expenditure. One point five two lakh at least ten thousand fifteen thousand they are paying. It’s like spending crores and crores every month.

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Now it can be changed through technology, will it be an easy switch, the answer is no, there will be a lot of Allahs who will hang out there but it is a big advantage if a company, like:-Zomato has been able to use drone technology to cut down on its delivery partner force as they can make deliveries more reliable, faster and less expensive. It is a winning proposition for Zomato and its end customers as hopefully, we can’t have them pay 60 rs 70 rs extra fee or surcharge and all that stuff, and our food too can reach here faster.

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Does it sounds like a great idea, the answer seems to be yes, but the problem here is that right now when it comes to using cases, the use cases are being proved in India first in agriculture and defense, and then maybe someday maybe 10 15 20 years or maybe even two-three years it may come in logistics space, and help companies like Zomato so what is the essence of investment thesis here? Right now the industry seems to be as half-baked as the startup story that went on till last year. The revenue has not been proven, and the profit is certainly not proven yet. Personally wait for the revenue and profits to prove it is an amazing industry. This is a game changer as it will surely impact a range of different startup ecosystems.

General Aeronautics Company in which Mr. Adhani has taken a 50% stake is not a listed company.
You cannot invest directly in general aeronautics, but there are two options.
One is, that you invest in Adani Enterprises and you get indirect ownership of General Aeronautics, I’ll double-check that fact and I’ll put that in the description box.
Second, you can explore various startup investment-based platforms in India through which you can again get access to companies like general aeronautics.
Tell me what you think about this industry and what stocks you like if there are specific stocks you want me to research and put in more data Glad to do it I hope you enjoyed the post.


I am not a financial advisor. Always engage a Financial Adviser to advise you on financial decisions. Always do your research as the information and tips shared in these blogs are for educational purposes only. The Information and tips are therefore not investment advice. If you decide to invest without your own research, you do so at your own risk. No rights can be derived from the information discussed in this blog. investing involves risks, you can lose (part of) your investment.

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