Gita renewable energy share price

In the last five years, the shares of Gita Renewable Energy are registering a boom and this share has now come down to ₹ 230 per share compared to its 52-week top price of ₹ 90 per share.
Shareholders do more stock analysis to invest. They like to buy those stocks which have the potential to give them high returns in a short period of time. If you had bought your share of Geeta Renewable Energy three years ago, you would have become rich. If you bought the stock in 2021, then you have got a strong profit return of 45x in one year.

The share price of Gita Renewable Energy in January 2021 was Rs.7 per share. 260 per share was reached in eight months. In January 2022, the stock price reached Rs.143. After that, the stock went up to Rs.220 in February 2022. After that, the fall started. The stock fell by Rs.110 in a year. Today the stock price is around Rs.114.

Gita renewable energy share price January 2023

DateShare PriceVolume
January 2, 2023108.701.5K
January 3, 2023109.202.6K
January 4, 2023109.00849
January 5, 2023108.251.9K
January 6, 2023108.102.9K
January 9, 2023107.001.3K
January 10, 2023107.001.4K
January 11, 2023106.252.6K
January 12, 2023103.852.1K
January 13, 2023104.001.7K
January 16, 2023101.903K
January 17, 2023101.152.1K
January 18, 2023100.153.9K
January 19, 2023100.651.6K
January 20, 2023101.352.8K
January 23, 202399.404.4K
January 24, 202399.103.1K
January 25, 202397.952.7K
January 27, 202396.751.9K
January 30, 202398.956.2K
January 31, 202398.651.4K
share price January 2023

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