Gladstone Commercial stock (GOOD) Monthly Dividend Stock Review


I’m going to do another 2023 review for Gladstone Commercial Corporation’s clicker symbol Good and I’m going to just look at their stock performance, their dividend information as well as their yield and their earnings, and their dividend history as well. If they have any good options. So generally there will not be very good options in such stocks. The website for the company itself and thus you have basic information to decide if this is a stock you are interested in doing further research. Decide for yourself whether you want to invest.

Gladstone Commercial (GOOD) Monthly Dividend Stock Review

Gladstone Commercial is trading at Rs 20.66 per share. Its average volume is 153 000 per day. The market capitalization is 822 million and the dividend yield exceeds 7.28%. This is 1.67 percent less than the previous year which is down 7.89 percent year-on-year in 2022. It is down from 19.2 in the last six months which is 2.04 less than in the previous month which is eight. Half a percent down 0.34 in the last five days and speaking alpha. Here’s a warning that 86 stocks in the real estate sector are at high risk of underperforming. I do not know exactly.

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What does it mean? But it should be kept in mind that Gladstone Commercial Corporation is a real estate investment trust. Which focuses on owning and operating at least a handful of industrial and office properties across the United States, including payments through September 2020. Gladstone Commercial has made 189 consecutive monthly cash payments. Gladstone Commercial paid five consecutive quarterly cash distributions on its common stock before paying monthly distributions. Since its inception in 2003, its Critical F preferred stock has never been reduced or deferred in three consecutive monthly cash distribution distributions at Gladstone Commercial.

Gladstone Commercial Corporation


The headquarters is in McLean Virginia. The REIT has a 4% dividend yield of 7.28 which equates to 13 cents per share on a monthly basis which equates to one dollar fifty cents per share per year. Which has an extremely high payout ratio of fifteen thousand percent for five years. Zero point zero five percent growth rate and their dividend have increased for the last two years.

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Directly their ex-dividend date is around the third week of the month. So for example it’s uh actually tomorrow is August 22nd and next September should be around the beginning of the third week of the month. They actually had the exact same dividend payment on a monthly basis from 2008 to 2019 which is 0.12 cents per month.

Then in 2020 they increased it to 0.1252 and then in late 2021 they increased it to 0.1253 and again in early 2022. By 0.1254 they were increasing their dividend a little bit and basically every year since 2020 or so basically one-thousandth of a percent uh.

Gladstone Commercial stock analysis

If you want to buy 100 shares then it means two thousand dollars. Which is a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s easier than trying to make it work. Investing in stocks outright is probably your best bet. You can see in quarter three of 2021 that they beat their estimates. His estimate for the first quarter of 2022 was only slightly behind the actual. Then just in quarter two, their estimate was actually at zero.

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He had surprising earnings of zero negative 0.04. As far as his earnings are concerned. It’s not good, but their estimate for the next quarter is going to be 0.05. Their profits weren’t that great in 2017 and revenue and net income was okay, nothing spectacular. But it was great to read and it improved a bit in 2018 as you can see their profit margin skyrocketed to 10.68%.

Then in 2019, their revenue increased and their income decreased slightly. So their profit margin fell again then surprisingly in 2020 their net income increased despite everything going to their revenue and now their profit margin increased so in 2021 their revenue was fine. It was slightly higher than in 2020 but not much decreased in his net income.

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The profit margin dropped from about 160 million to about 40 million. 75 percent loss of their profit margin year on year now looking at this quarter and quarter to quarter 2021 you can see they had a good revenue of 33.37 million and an income of 2.14 million with a profit margin of 6.42%.

Gladstone Commercial’s net income

Then in quarter three, their revenue increased slightly but their net income increased significantly. Their profit margin doubled to 12.54 then again in the fourth quarter their revenue increased slightly but their net income decreased slightly. The net profit on their profit margin came down to 8.24. Their revenue remained very high in the first quarter of this year. There was a slight increase in his net income.

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Their profit margin also increased slightly to 9.21 percent and then in the second quarter of this year their revenue remained almost the same but their net income decreased significantly. Their profit margin for my own personal portfolio is now down to four points zero three percent. This is a good monthly paying dividend stock, I’m not really a big fan of rates right now. I am accepting inflation rates as high as they are and interest rates are being raised to fight inflation. Personally and again this is not financial advice, but as far as dividend stocks go I personally steer clear of REITs for now.

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