How to find the most profitable stocks in 2023

Today we are going to show you how to find the most profitable stocks using Finviz Screener. Finviz is an amazingly powerful free screener that can help you find winning trades by the end of today’s video. To help you master it, in today’s video, we are going to cover 11 criteria for finding the most profitable stocks. Two additional settings to really dial in your search are how to use Finviz to find trending stocks, number four is the importance of volume, and number five one stock on this search that made me a 196% ROI overseas.

Let’s move on to our Finviz screener criteria number one. We want to have a market cap of more than two billion dollars from being a large market cap.

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This will help us find more established companies that have been around for a while and are well-established number two. Want a net profit margin of over 15 percent and you can play with that number. The number three can be moved up or down depending on your preference.

‘No one wants to buy a dog and this is one way we can help make sure that these stocks are going up at least this year and number four we want a forward PE that is profitable.

By profit we want it to be greater than zero. You can even set it where it’s between 0 and 25, that’s actually another good setting for number five. We want a return on equity over 20.

Now the SP 500 average is typically around 18.6 percent and returns on equity is how much net income is generated per dollar of capital invested.

So 20 or more is a number six analyst buy or better use number seven recommendations. is a good number, we want a price that exceeds the 200-day simple moving average number eight, we want an average volume greater than 500 000 and that’s a really important number nine we want EPS growth this year Which is more than five percent and number 10 we want alternative or less alternative.

how to find the most profitable stocks by finviz

Now, this is an optional pun uh setting for you depending on how you are trading if you are not trading options then you don’t need this setting but if you are trading options then this is The important number 11.

Search and we can play with the criteria to get as many stocks as we want one thing I want to cover quickly is that volume is important and it’s just like the stock market.

101 high-volume signal institutions included and high volume also increases liquidity and that’s important for options traders then number three if we’ve got 150 percent or more of average daily volume that’s again a big plus.

This is not a requirement unless we have more than 500 000 shares being traded daily.

What are we looking at but be on the lookout for because if we have 150 or more above average daily volume that is confirmation of a movement and that is definitely something we always want to see and actually move to two bonus setups Dial it in No. 12 Next year EPS growth is positive and going to be No. 13 Our pricing is under 50 and that’s great for short accounts or options.

Today’s benchmarks really stack the odds in your favor with profitable stocks that are trending and are recommended by analysts. You go to and click on the screener so you have forecasted revenue growth.

At the top, we have four different tabs we’ve got the descriptive tab and then we can see all our different criteria.

which I already put in 11 we have the fundamental technical and then I like all the settings and it just shows us everything at once. We have 33 stocks that are trending really well about finviz.

If you want to have a quick look at the stock all you have to do is hover over the stock and boom it will pop up a graph for you. Let’s go to our two bonus settings if we want to screen it down even further so we have a total of 33 we’ll come to EPS here.

Growth next year and we can just keep it on positive and it’s going to bring us down to 21 and then if you want low-priced stocks that can be very useful.

If you have a limited budget or if you want to option plays you just come here to price and we’ll put under fifty dollars and boom and we’ve whittled down this list to just eight stocks that meet our criteria We do. On the overview tab, I like to sort it by volume so we can see our highest-volume stocks first. Oxy is our top.

How easy it is to find the most profitable stocks using finviz

Let’s take a look at the performance I really like and that’s because of how the stock is performing in the first half week month of the year and the full year performance compared to the year here we can see.

Oxy 133.8 percent year-to-date Exceptional BTUs 163 The main thing we’re looking for is we want to see as much green as possible Next tab That can be really useful.

With the Charts tab and What I Like we can have a quick overview of how the stocks are performing.

how are the stocks doing in finviz

We can also choose between candles we can create a line chart which is great and then if you want a technical chart click on that.

Then we also got technical so that could be very helpful uh here we can see Oxy. We’ve got a nice channel developing showing support and resistance some really cool stuff and if you’re looking to buy or sell a stock it’s always a good idea to watch the news and see if there are any big headlines that s the stock But have come out.

If we’re looking at Oxy here we’ve got our chart and right below that we’ve got all of our different news which is pretty helpful. My second favorite tab is going to be the snapshot and it just seems like it gives us a quick snapshot of the company so here we’ve got Oxy we’ve got a chart of how they’re doing.

We’ve got some basic stock information and financials so we can look at the PE Forward PE PEG Ratio. We can get the details of what they’re doing.

All our news is 10 oil stocks to buy that are too cheap to ignore.

We also have insider tips. Trading is quite useful. We can tell that Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway have been buying Oxy consistently throughout the years and their most recent transaction here is regular and consistent buying.

This is a handy tab, and I hope you enjoy using it. took. It is so easy to use finbiz. Find the Most Profitable Stocks Made Easy

finviz stock screener

Screener Now you know how to use the screener let’s move on to this screener on the stock that made me cotton the 196 annual last week, that stock is Devon Energy. This is a great strategy to use with this screener because we are looking to find bullish stocks.

Which we expect will increase in value.
Example:- Devon Energy is currently trading at 70 per share and if we make a $67 put and the stock stays above 67, we keep that entire put premium here. Trade alert I sent on Devon Energy. This is called cash secured put.

You may want to pause the screen to read the trade alerts and updates as there is a lot of good information in this one of my alerts that really explains the process and shows how fast these types of options can be very profitable, And now let’s see how this trade played out and then what we did in Devon October. 96 up and 100 should end today for profit.

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We have a few options. Number one does nothing and it should expire on Friday with a $100 profit which works out to a $196 annual profit for two days. Unless this was your position congrats first option and then number two close that position you have to buy back the put and right now it costs about four dollars per contract that’s six thousand six hundred dollars needed to secure the put number three Will free cash. Based on Thursday’s close we can roll the position to the next call which will be a $146 strike for $14 or maybe a slightly higher number four.

We can let the put expire for 100% profit and put a put on Monday. Sell ​​From the chart we can see that Devon Energy is above the 20 EMA And that’s what I call too fast. I always expect a return to the 20 EMA which is currently at 67.45. This is why I only wheel and sell the stocks I want to always check the charge to know where. Your support and resistance are located.

Yesterday was a crazy day and I’ll see how today goes before I judge. Most of the time I prefer to roll that option three higher profit position for next week which lets me capture more theta decay.

Word of the stock market was out on Friday and I went with option four where I let the put expire for a 100 profit and then yesterday I sold the $68 put for 72 cents a share, which is 128.8 The percentage will be annual. If Devon Energy holds above $68, returns are locked in for three days.

How to find the most profitable stocks. Thank you for viewing the post completely.


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