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LTC stock ticker symbol LTC This is the best dividend rate to buy right now LTC stock is up 17.5 which is kind of strange during these market conditions especially when the S&P 500 is down almost 20%. Why people love LTC stock because the monthly dividend yield is 5.5 percent which is actually on top of that they pay you monthly dividends instead of quarterly dividends.

What LTC Does L2C Properties Corporations is a self-administered real estate investment trust that invests primarily in true triple net lease transaction mortgage loans and other investments in senior housing and healthcare properties. If we dive into the latest report and examine the revenue breakdown, total revenue represents about 71% of mortgage loans.

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Revenue represented 25.9% of notes receivable 1.8 and non-joint ventures 1.1%. If we break down by asset type we see that assisted living represents 50 skilled nursing 48 and the last two in this graph about 1 we see the share of the aging population in the US from 1950 to 2050. Of course, this is a forecast and it is not written in stone or anything these are rough assumptions but it is interesting to see that the bigger ones are moving up in share i.e. increase in size.

LTC stock monthly dividends

I decided to include the S&P 500 as the benchmark because it is the easiest way to invest to buy the S&P 500 ETF and weights. LTC underperformed the SP500 Big Time CTRE and CHCT. Underperformed even the SP 500 but GMRE outperformed the SP 500 by a narrow margin with 111 returns on the one-year chart. It becomes quite interesting that LTC’s total return was 31%, while the SP 500’s return was minus 10 percent.

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CTR is almost flat and the return of both CHCT MGMRE was minus 25 to minus 28. LTC has outperformed all stocks on the six-month chart as well as on the one-year chart. Same story LTC had 50 returns while SP 500 minus 12 CTR E had 30 returns and CHCT and GMRE had negative returns minus fifty percent for CHCT and minus thirty-five percent for GMRE. On one chart we see minus eight percent SP for LTC. 500 and C T R E C H C T and G M R E are both at minus 14.

Fundamentals LTC is a 1.6 billion market cap company with a PE ratio of 17, but keep in mind that LTC is a REIT and the PE ratio is not the best way to value a REIT. We are going to use Price to FFO to Value LTC. ltc is at 41 and has an FFO of 2.26, which leads to a price ffo of 18, which is a bit on the high side for reading. The major drop in March 2020 is related to the lockdown period after March 2020.

high dividend yield stock

The revenue was not as stable and consistent as before, till then the revenue had become quite good and stable. So definitely look at this number, net income is 92 million which gives us a profit margin of 57 which is pretty high but also pretty common for something to read. I don’t like that the 5-year average profit margin is high, it means the margin is going down a bit. The 90 cents monthly dividend hasn’t increased since 2016, which is disappointing on the other hand.

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The dividend yield is also very high at 5.5 percent, I think it’s a great monthly dividend-paying stock but it shouldn’t be the main reason why there is no dividend growth since 2016. This is something that luckily the dividend yield is very high at 5.5 percent. Here are the fundamentals of LTC vs some major competitors that I decided to include: CTRE, CHCT, and GMRE. LTC’s lowest year-on-year revenue growth and one of the lowest year-on-year net income growth The five-year revenue compact annual growth rate is also the lowest in LTC

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CTRE and GMRE have the highest gross profit margin while ltc has the highest net income margin. So they are winners here. Return on equity and return on net capital is also highest on LTC. Dividend growth is the highest on CTRE, with consecutive years of dividend increases. Overall lowest in ltc, I think the dividends are pretty similar. Other fundamentals ltc did not do well. It seems that in most cases the fundamentals of the other companies were better, but does this mean that ltc stock is overvalued?

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