Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Stock Price, analysis, history


We have Microsoft (MSFT stock) yet another big moat company. Microsoft has a very strong and varied switching mode which is a result of all their software, just take a look at all their different software products and services, as You can see and it is growing quite steadily.

across all areas especially their cloud offerings again we saw 10 super investors buying into Microsoft in the second quarter as the stock fell 17 during the quarter so again I think this is another one of the super investor’s Cases that is taking full advantage of the selloff in the market. By simply buying a high-quality business, I mean take a look at the last five years of revenue earnings per share equity and free cash flow growth, which is pretty healthy growth.

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The return on investor capital management in the past five years is an average of 24 they have received cash or short-term investments of 104 billion the total debt is only 50 billion. They definitely aren’t going anywhere. With a debt to equity of only 0.4, it’s pretty easy to tell at a glance. Microsoft is a well-oiled machine and again just turning to Wall Street they have a five out of six evaluation score.

Microsoft Corporation Stock Price, analysis, history

With the all-important discounted cash flow suggesting a reasonable discount, that certainly doesn’t mean you should go all out. Buy it immediately without doing your own due diligence. Though it does give you a sense of why super investors didn’t hesitate to load up during Q2. But with that now let’s move on to the third most bought stock in Q2 and that was Amazon.

15 of our super investors bought into Amazon in Q2 and again we see the same story with a very strong MoAT company whose shares bottomed out in Q2 this time. But the beating was a little more understandable as remembering their Q1 earnings the company showed year-over-year revenue growth of just seven percent which was the slowest growth rate for any quarter since the dot-com boom in 2001. Is. The share price then went up to about 27 in two weeks and investors were really getting the support.

There are concerns that macroeconomic conditions are hindering the average consumer’s willingness to spend and don’t get me wrong that very well could be the case again with Q2 revenue down just seven percent year-over-year has increased. Online store spending flat quarter to quarter really just shows you how much an MSFT stock can jump when investors fear the short-term macro scenario. But of course, this is what gives long-term investors an opportunity.

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We don’t care about macro. It’s not surprising to see these big supers. Investors jump in as value investors turn to Wall Street again. They show underestimated valuation based on their discounted cash flow analysis. It’s not super convincing though as they only score a total of three out of six on their evaluation score. Overall ok and then there were two see if you can guess what these two are. Before we reveal them, I think you’ll probably be able to guess what the names of the two wide trenches are missing from this list.


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