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How Many Shares Do You Need to Retire NIO Stock by 2030? How the actual math breaks down. So the first thing you can see is that the average family household spends about five thousand dollars. per month is our currency okay and then whenever you look at that yearly clearly sixty thousand dollars spent per year on normal living. Now we also have to factor in inflation in this case which is generally at a benchmark of two percent. But because you know the recent history and the increased amount of inflation. I have benchmarked it at three percent per year through 2030.

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After 3 benchmarks of inflation, this number is actually going to be 78 000 per year. But now we need to know for how long we are actually going to retire. US The average retirement age in the U.S. is 18, but let’s say we’re trying to do this kind of strategy of investing in a very specific tech stock. Hopefully, we’ll be retiring a lot earlier by 2030. I actually I’ve estimated that we’re going to be a little more conservative and do a timeline of 25 years of retirement.

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Knowing that we need 78 000 per year over 25 years. Which is 1.95 million dollars, but we would really only need 900 000 to start by 2030. So starting with 900 000 we know we can actually invest it for 25 years and something much safer than a single stock like the S&P 500. Where we can assume that we are going to create an 8% adjusted rate of return. Even though we are withdrawing 78 000 every single year the rate of return we get actually allows us to keep the amount that we have with 153 000 even after we retire. I’ve broken it down into four different categories, the low side a medium estimate a high estimate, and then a pure hope estimate if everything turns out to be correct.

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We can expect our valuation to reach around $140 billion by 2030. This is from an annual compounding of about 15. This should leave us with a stock price of 77.39.
If this growth continues for the next eight or nine years. Exactly how many shares would you need to retire from Nio Stock? If it only gets to 77 by 2030.

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If the stock truly does everything it’s supposed to do. But that being said, in our higher range, you see 26 compound annual growth rates or a valuation of $320 billion. That leaves us with a share price of $176 and 10 cents per share. They are very correct whenever you are looking at the compound annual growth rate it is 26 per year. But the truth is, that’s the way this stock probably will perform. He can do much better than 26 in the first. A few years and then as many years as you go. You know slowly that growth really starts to slow down. But this is an average of 26 years. We can actually average out to $176 and 10 cents per share. I want to preface the next section by saying that this is a pure hope series. It is everything that goes right the more we enter new business areas. expand throughout Europe and North America. Become a true player in this EV world. It is not out of the realm of possibility but it is improbable so you should know it you know it comes with a little bit of caution.

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However, with an astonishing 32 percent compound annual growth rate, it is estimated that we could see a valuation of 485 billion by 2030. This leaves us with a share price of 267.66. Buying Nio stock right now could prove really helpful.

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