NIO Stock Predictions for 2025 – What To Expect?

As NIO and other companies look forward to 2025, one key trend to watch is the continued growth in electric vehicles as well as autonomous driving. Currently, NIO has a wide range of products that are addressing these two markets, such as their autonomous SUV “EC6.” Some analysts have predicted that the demand for electric vehicles will overtake gas-powered cars by 2025, with autonomous driving becoming more commonplace. These trends will affect the future of NIO stock performance and warrant close examination from market watchers.

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Going to give you NIO 2025 stock price prediction. Lately many of you have been taking positions in NIO. You want to know what the reward is going to be in five years’ time. Getting portfolio first 1 000 then 2000 then 10 to 50 and then 50 000 to 100 000 now the stock market is moving very fast stock can jump up to 20 in a day.

nio stock forecast 2025

NIO is going to do about 90 000 deliveries in 2021 right up to ninety thousand to a million deliveries so first of all we want to see how much capacity NIO had in 2020 and how many deliveries can they actually do by 2025 Huh.

NIO Production Capacity

NIO actually came out a few months ago and said they want to increase their production capacity to 300 000 vehicles per month. Now they haven’t really given a date that they’re going to do that, but we know it’s beyond 2021. I don’t think it’s going to be 2022. This is likely to happen in 2023 or 2024. So it is estimated that the NIO could possibly max out by 2025. So the question is, how much is Neil actually going to deliver in 2025?
Because we know that their capacity is going to be 500 000 as an estimate, but what exactly are they going to give now? A forecast has come out that says there are going to be 28 million vehicle sales in 2025.
Now we know that it has been released that it is estimated that 20 vehicles by 2025 are going to be electric vehicles. So this takes us to 5 million electric vehicles sold in China by 2025.

NIO Market share

That’s the total market right in China for me that’s their total addressable market but what’s going to be the market share? NIO is set to do around 45 000 deliveries and 45000-50000 deliveries of a million electric vehicles sold this year That’s about 5 market share. So if we just apply that 5 to the projected electric vehicle sales of 5 million we get the 250 000 deliveries the NIO is going to make by 2025.
NIO has a great brand and they’re growing their app the right way. What nobody really talks about is a complete social media hub. So many hundreds of thousands of daily active users right there that they have the battery-swapping element at the forefront and they’re building hundreds of these stations. There will be thousands of swappable battery samples by 2025, and it will happen soon.

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Now Nia also has their Battery as a Service which has an adoption rate of around 30 right. For every car they sell the stock for all cars, they sell 30 of these cars. They have battery um battery as a service element. It is estimated that the NIO should be able to comfortably capture five percent of the market. Now there are going to be a lot of electric vehicle manufacturers and we know Tesla is coming in and making inroads into that space as well. I think they should be able to maintain that five percent. So we have 250 000 deliveries that NIO is going to be doing in China but now we need to get further international deliveries up and running.

NIO stock forecast wallet investor

We know that NIO is expanding into Europe right now and they should make some progress by 2021. Europe has a vision of really taking over the electric vehicle market. So they’ve gone to um Copenhagen Denmark and explained that their competitors have gone to Norway Well, these are the two regions where the consumption of electric vehicles is very high. So 75,000 vehicles by 2025 is a reasonable estimate. Will probably start making deliveries by late 2023, maybe even early 2024.
So if we add up all the deliveries we’ve got 250 000 deliveries in China we’ve got 50 000 deliveries in the US and we’ve got 75 000 deliveries in Europe,
Because that gives us the 375 000 deliveries NIO is going to be doing by 2025.
which is an amazing point of view now and this year they’re doing about 45 000 but you should keep in mind the first two quarters were
Very slow and they’re really picking up steam over time they’re going to expand massively and have 375 000 deliveries now.
Now we have the total number of deliveries that NIO is going to do till 2025 which is 375000.

NIO Market Cap Multiplier

Each one of the 45 000 vehicles the NIO delivers adds about 1.5 million to its market cap, but the NIO value is enormous, growing very quickly in five years. Using Tesla as a proxy now each delivery Tesla adds about a million to its market cap.

NIO is currently valued at around 60 billion. Such a huge jump in this value in the next five years but that is to be expected. So a market cap of 375 billion gives close to a share price of $275 by 2025. So it’s a pretty uptrend at the current price which is around 45.

Now NIO has a share price of $275 in 2025, robo taxis are very hard to value when we add the robo taxi element except robo taxis but on a conservative basis I would estimate that it would add 25 billion to its market Dega Cap is rightly taking its market cap to 400 billion very comfortably which is now at 400 billion market cap.

NIO stock Price Prediction

It’s an amazing thing for investors that the 300 price tag is expected to be worth 6.5 times our money in five years. It’s also on a conservative basis as NIO may add a lot more to its business over the next five years. We don’t know everything it could add to his business, for example,
What if it goes into the commercial space which is billions? What could it potentially add if it goes into the insurance sector? There are a lot of different arms and components in the energy space that NIO can bolt on to expand their business and grow their business the right way.