Punjab National Bank-PNB share price target 2023

In today’s post, we are going to analyze the PNB share price target for 2023. Punjab national bank stock has given good returns to the shareholders in the last year. PNB bank is the second largest bank in India. The market capitalization of Punjab National Bank is 62487 crores. When the bank listed its stock on the National Stock Exchange in 2002, the share price was Rs.7. PNB was established in Lahore in 1894. Being an Indian bank, the headquarter is in Delhi. This bank is working outside India with branches in many other countries in its empire.

PNB share price target

PNB share price target 2023

If we check the bank’s chart for the last five years, it is down 67.74%. This is bad news for shareholders. The share price was Rs 176 in January 2018, which reached Rs 56 in December 2022. We have suffered a loss of around 68%. And if we see the year 2017 chart then the stock target price was around Rs 120 to Rs 175. 62 to 34 in January 2020 and PNB Bank stock did not perform well in 2021. In 2021 PNB stock gave around 5% return, in 2022 it has given good returns to the shareholders from the previous level.

PNB share price NSE chart live today

PNB share price target 2023

The Government of India has privatized the banks. Which PNB bank has also been included? If we see PNB share price target 2023 then the stock is going to perform well. Because the bank has 18.1 crore customers. The stock price in Jan 2023 is around Rs 56, which is doing well since last year. According to technical analysts, PNB stock can give around 15% return on analysis based on the shares available.

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PNB bank is emphasizing on foreign technology to simplify the convenience of its customers. On the basis of all this technology, the customer can get the facility on his mobile. And the number of customers of PNB bank is increasing continuously. With which an increase in the share price can be seen! PNB bank is giving its facility to the village in India The bank is continuously running a loan scheme in rural areas.

The Karna shareholders can get good returns! Bank has increased water interest rates on deposit capital! PNB bank used to provide a 4% interest rate on fixed deposits earlier, but in 2023 has increased to 7%. According to the chart of 2020 data, the bank has improved a lot in its services. Punjab National Bank is constantly making changes to improve its financials!

PNB share price BSE chart live today

Looking at the financial improvement of the bank in the last three years, PNB’s share price target can give returns of 15 to 20% in 2023.

We have prepared the stock analysis report from google finance. We have prepared the PNB share price target for 2023 from the estimates of Google Finance. Do thorough research before buying stocks. We do not recommend buying the stock. Invest at your own risk.

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