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Stag Industrial stock ticker Stag Market Value $6.1 Billion Dividend Yield 4.3 Percent Stag Industrial Pure Play Industrial Warehouse Read and is a key beneficiary of nearly 40 percent of e-commerce growth. Its portfolio is closely related to e-commerce as a percentage of US retail sales. E-commerce has grown from about six percent seven years ago to 14.5 percent today, with e-commerce penetration expected to reach 30 percent by 2030.

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Stag Industrial has 563 warehouses in 41 states with a total of 111 million six hundred thousand square feet of space to rent to its tenants. Mainly large sophisticated public companies, about 60 percent of the businesses that rent space there, in a year earn over a billion dollars while Amazon is the single largest tenant.

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stag industrial stock dividend

stag industrial stock

Accounting for three percent of annual rents, the portfolio is well-diversified by both geography and tenant; on these terms, it spans more than 60 markets and more than 45 industries, with less than one-quarter of REIT cash, flows reliably. . Its leases expire by 2024. The one trillion dollars US industrial real estate market also provides Stag Industrial stock with plenty of growth opportunities.

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Transactions in the REITs pipeline met its due diligence standards and were achieved during the September quarter Stagg grew core FFO per share by 7.5 percent and maintained a 98.2 portfolio occupancy rate Rate does not provide FFO guidance but analyst estimates look for a seven percent gain. On average this year Stag-Industrial has delivered 3 consecutive quarters of FFO beats. . Shares are trading at just 15 times FFO, with a notable 30-year-to-date decline in 2022.