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Stag Industrial Stock is a real estate investment trust that distributes monthly dividends. I’m going to do a dividend stock analysis review I’m going to do a stock review. Why is this a good stock and a bad stock? Stag Industrial is sitting at 27.37. These guys are a real estate investment trust focused on the industrial sector, just like IIPR. They have a 5.33 Dividend Yield to 21.56 Average Volume of 1.45 Million Market Cap of US$ 4.91 Billion with APE Ratio Geo range of 2714 to 48.27.

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So now there is a big downside range from 2714 to 27.92 and its previous close is 2806. States targeting this type of property stab developed an investment strategy that helps investors find a powerful balance of income and growth. The enterprise value is 8.61 billion sq ft 111.5 million. They are in 40 states and they have 559 buildings which is a lot. Flow You have a 74 billion 1.3 billion investment and acquisition of 12.9 sq. ft. here is their cumulative acquisition volume along with the purchase price. So in 2011, it was 129. By 6833.

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Their norm is 100 occupied industrial buildings are vacant. Designed to suit the partially vacant deemed transaction Hyper Investor Sales Sale-Leaseback. Um, back-forward commitments and funding are treated as warehouse distribution like manufacturing. This is huge if people need warehouses. Class A or B building type in all construction types Location of all these terms All US markets focus on primary and secondary industrial markets.

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Deal sizes range from five to 100 million depending on the single tenant property Portfolio Credit There is no maximum for the portfolio All Credit Portfolio. There has been a huge increase in revenue which is very attractive with these guys. Now check out their dividend history. Remember they are a monthly dividend real estate investment trust. In 2014, they were 11 cents, in 2015 they are still 11.

2015 they reach 12 suns 2016 and 2017 they are still 12 cents in 2017 2018 2019 they are still 12 cents 2020 they are still 12 cents and then in 2021 they are still 12 cents and then in 2022 they are still 12 Cents Payout ratio is 69 Number of dividend increases in the last five years is six Annual dividend growth over five years is 0.7 percent

Stag Industrial Stock Analysis

Their local leading diversified experiential rates with EPR properties are focused on growing their experiential portfolio of dryland to those locations. These properties provide sustainable value generation and a wide variety of entertainment and leisure activities. Separately, their education portfolio is a legacy investment that provides additional geographic and operator diversification.

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They have 6.6 billion investments, 358 locations, and over 200 tenants in Canada and 44 states. A leading landlord AMC ski attractions eat and play experiential lodging gaming fitness and wellness and cultural. Ski and Eat and Play They are a major landlord to the ski resort Boston Mills in Brandywine Ohio Topgolf. there is mad river uh prep academy they do have a few academies they have but they got rid of some of them according to recent news.

These Topgolf locations are huge along with Nashville a few other things have is the Margaritaville Hotel. The pandemic hits everything shuts down their entertainment properties get hit hard and this is what happened to look at their revenue in millions of US dollars 421 2016 493 2017 518 2018 693 2019 651 then the pandemic hit 414 then 2021 they are making a comeback at 5 31 Huh. There has been a huge increase from 2015 to 2021 even with the pandemic.

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Now let’s move on to their dividend history. These guys were 26 cents in 2014, they jumped 29 cents in 2015, they jumped 30 cents, they jumped 32 cents in 2016, they jumped 2017, they jumped 34 cents in 2018, they jumped 36 cents in 2019, and They jumped to 38 cents. They basically suspended their dividend when the pandemic hit. This makes sense given that you know how to cut costs and no one is paying rent. So those buildings were sitting there and then they finally started to pull back in 2021.

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Their dividend is at 25 cents which have moved up to 28 cents. Stags Returns Slower Than Dividends Stags Dividends Have Had Terrible Growth. Dividend growth over five years was minus four point six one percent. If you bought one stock, you made $330 with a 9.22 dividend yield.

Their dividends are very strong. They already increased their dividend after the pandemic as soon as they restart their dividend so stag you are sitting there you are stable. Stag Industrial Stock (STAG Stock)

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