suzlon share price target 2025

Today we are going to share information on the same stock which was once priced at Rs.400 per share. But after that, it fell so much that it could not reach back Rs.10 per share. We are talking about Suzlon Energy Ltd. The market capitalization of the company is Rs 12733 crore. The stock price dropped by 19% in January 2023. As we see the chart pattern, it is going to fall further. After June 2023, there may be a jump in the stock of the company.

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suzlon share price January 2023

DateShare PriceVolume
January 3, 2023₹10.751.26M
January 4, 2023₹10.40114M
January 5, 2023₹10.25143M
January 6, 2023₹10.20114M
January 9, 2023₹10.2089M
January 10, 2023₹10.0571M
January 11, 2023₹10.1058M
January 12, 2023₹10.0075M
January 13, 2023₹10.0565M
January 16, 2023₹10.0047M
January 17, 2023₹10.0047M
January 18, 2023₹9.8039M
January 19, 2023₹9.6551M
January 20, 2023₹10.00113M
January 23, 2023₹9.7555M
January 24, 20233₹9.6537M
January 25, 2023₹9.5047M
January 27, 2023₹9.1097M
January 30, 2023₹8.9594M
January 31, 2023₹9.80122M
suzlon share price January 2023

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suzlon share price target 2025

Suzlon Energy is constantly working to improve the product.
The company has long-standing management experience. In the future, Suzlon Energy can succeed in developing the best products with the help of its strong R&D. If the company is able to develop its product, then there is a possibility of company growth. Due to the high profit of the company, a big jump can be seen in the stock.
The company’s stock is expected to reach Rs 20 to 25 by 2025. Suzlon Energy Share Price Target If it develops its business more by 2025, then you can see the target of the share around 25 rupees.

Suzlon Energy Ltd Annual Income Statement 2022

Annual Income StatementFiscal
Revenue6520 Crore
Operating expense1584 Crore
Net income-200 Crore
Net profit margin-3.06
EBITDA725 Crore
Effective tax rate-1672.59%
Annual Income Statement 2022

suzlon share price chart

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