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Swvl operates in the area of mass transit and shared mobility solutions. It develops a platform for the passengers. Swvl company was established in 2021 and inaugurated in Dubai. The company’s stock price has declined by $245.51 in five years. The stock has been falling continuously since July 2022. In the last year, the price has dropped to $245.26. still in decline. If we look at the SWVL share price in the last six months, there has been a decline of 40.26$.

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Swvl stock price

Swvl stock price February 2023

DateShare Price $Volume
February 1, 2023$3.16378K
February 2, 2023$3.18564K
February 3, 2023$3.20231K
February 6, 2023$3.11228K
February 7, 2023$3.13126K
February 8, 2023$2.86200K
February 9, 2023$2.75112K
February 10, 2023$2.47216K
February 13, 2023$2.37101K
February 14, 2023$2.3955K
February 15, 2023$2.4583K
February 16, 2023$2.2988K
February 2023 share price
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Swvl stock price January 2023

DateShare Price $Volume
January 3, 2023$4.7059M
January 4, 2023$4.038.2M
January 5, 2023$3.485.4M
January 6, 2023$7.50151M
January 9, 2023$6.5765M
January 10, 2023$6.2522M
January 11, 2023$5.9813M
January 12, 2023$6.2311M
January 13, 2023$6.007M
January 17, 2023$5.635.4M
January 18, 2023$4.964.8M
January 20, 2023$4.234.2M
January 23, 2023$4.124M
January 24, 2023$4.3013M
January 25, 2023$3.877.2M
January 26, 2023$3.65559K
January 27, 2023$3.18344K
January 30, 2023$3.24233K
January 31, 2023$3.16273K
Swvl stock price January 2023

Swvl stock price inr today

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