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We’ll review the top 10 best dividend stocks to grow your dividend income. Investors have long debated whether that is a strong company. Will also provide the highest capital return over long-term growth, investors generally disagree with this view.

Whereas value investors usually tend to companies that pay dividends or are beginning to pay dividends. Studies of dividends have seen the highest returns since 1973 compared to other stocks. Volatility has decreased significantly with the addition of shares being paid out by Hartford funds.

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Companies that pay dividends typically distribute their profits to shareholders, while those that do not fall into this latter category, reinvest their earnings to fuel the company’s expansion shares.

They usually include Alphabet, Microsoft, and That includes the fact that these companies have gained popularity on Wall Street in recent years. The Hartford study claims that dividend reinvestment since 1960 has accounted for 84% of the S&P 500 index’s total returns. A brief history study of dividend versus growth stocks provides a breakdown of the performance of dividend players.

best dividend stocks to buy now

The 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s each contributed significantly to their total returns in the decades before the Great War companies’ dividend payments. The total return on investment averaged about 10 percent, but as the average total return increased in the 1960s, dividends began.

Dividends were largely marginalized in the 1990s to play a smaller role as companies prioritized growth over shareholder returns.

But when the dot-com bubble burst at the turn of the century, investors stopped putting their money in growth companies and started putting it in safer dividend players.

Benchmark indexes posted negative returns in the first decade of the new millennium for the average dividend yield for the studied market between 1960 and 2021 was about 2.90 percent. The yield peaked in the 1980s and became popular again in the 2000s following the growth stocks of the 2010s. Because social media and e-commerce got old as soon as inflation climbed. And with the Fed preparing to hike interest rates further, investors in the stock market have once again shifted their attention to dividend stocks to weather the upcoming storm. Let’s review our top 10 best stocks list to grow your dividend income.

Top 10 best dividend stocks for passive income

  1. Procter & Gamble Co
  2. Johnson and johnson stock
  3. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
  4. Iron Mountain Inc
  5. Arbor Realty Trust Inc- dividend stocks
  6. BHP Group Ltd stocks
  7. Genco Shipping and Trading limited-stock
  8. Vale SA- dividend stocks
  9. Chimera Investment Corporation-dividend stocks
  10. Two Harbors Investment Corp

Procter & Gamble stocks

The Procter & Gamble Company ticker PG Company’s dividend yield is 2.59 percent. PG Company markets consumer packaged goods. The company has a dividend history of over six decades. Be it a convenience store, grocery store, or retail store, Procter & Gamble has its own. Raise your hand everywhere Procter & Gamble’s brand portfolio as a consumer goods conglomerate includes many household names.

Tide Bounty Pampers Tampax Head & Shoulders Gain Crest and many more These payouts have also been growing for the last 65 years in an industry where the average is in this regard. The company’s earnings strength paid off in just six years October Bank of America comments bullish on Procter & Gamble despite the company’s weak EPS guidance Bank of America projects strong profit growth for the company in the second and third quarters of fiscal 2023 are supposed to. In April 2022, Barclays analyst Lauren Lieberman raised the Procter & Gamble Company stock and price target from $167 to $176, setting an extremely high for the industry by the end of the third quarter.

johnson and johnson dividend stocks

Johnson & Johnson Ticker JNJ Dividend Yield 2.58 percent Johnson & Johnson manufactures and sells healthcare products. johnson and johnson dividend stocks have increased their dividend for 60 consecutive years. It is one of the best dividend kings in the market.

which has developed into a company with long-term growth potential. For decades in the consumer goods and healthcare sectors, Johnson & Johnson is now unique as a powerhouse in both industries.

Both sides of the company’s business complement each other quite effectively. The johnson and johnson Consumer Health Division is responsible for such tried-and-true medicine cabinet staples. Band-Aids and Tylenol and these products regularly generate piles of cash that income helps support the research and development efforts of pharmaceutical and medical tech operations.

highest dividend stocks 2023

Not to mention the acquisition, in early November Johnson & Johnson announced it was making a growing buying spree through Med. And the profitable maker of heart pumps for $16.6 billion will strengthen its medical technology portfolio after a planned spin-off of its consumer health business adds strength, leaving shareholders with both a thriving healthcare company and a solid consumer health business.

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There will be stock. Both are doing well and should continue to do so because there is pharmaceutical revenue. It is projected to grow by an impressive 12 percent to reach over $60 billion by 2025. Consumer health has gotten a little worse lately. Because recently the company’s legal cloud over product recalls has reportedly resulted in a flurry of lawsuits. Its former talcum-based baby powders contained the presence of cancer-causing asbestos which the Johnson & Johnson division is doing particularly well in light of those factors.

Due to this, the share price has declined. The company’s global non-differential adjusted sales rose nearly five percent in the third quarter from the same period last year, with Credit Suisse analyst Matt Mix keeping an outperform rating on Johnson for the third quarter of 2022. Ann & Johnson raised the stock and price target to $205 from $200.

Noting that the firm’s med supplies and equipment business was showing better growth than expected at the end of the third quarter of 2022. The monkey had $7.3 billion in stakes in Johnson & Johnson, the 85 hedge funds in Insider’s database.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co dividend stocks

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Companies ticker VMI Company’s dividend yield is 2.8 percent. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company develops and sells biopharmaceutical products.

It is one of the blue-chip dividend stocks because the company has consistently raised its dividend for more than a decade. Bristol Mayor’s top-line growth continues to be muted during the third quarter. The company’s revenue declined three percent year-over-year to $11.2 billion, even after accounting for the detrimental effect of currency exchange fluctuations.

The drugmaker’s top line remained stable compared to the same time last year. The company attributed the loss of exclusivity of several products to this negative exposure. One of its best-selling drugs, notably the cancer drug Revlimid, is outselling generic competition with episodic sales that stood at less than $2.4 billion for the 28-year period.

Year Quarter Pharmaceutical companies regularly encounter cliffside patents. Nobody except Bristol Myers. The key for the Ion company is to replace older drugs with new ones that won’t run into generic competition any time soon. You can increase your sales for years. Bristol Myers is doing just that as the company has a portfolio of more than a handful of new products. All of which earned the Bristol mayor’s portfolio of new drugs the green light in 2019 or later.

61 reported only $553 million in sales during the year-over-year third quarter, but they’ll likely keep gaining. Bristol Myers is also offering an excellent dividend stock. The company has also increased its dividend amid the pandemic, after boasting a yield of 2.83 and increasing its payout by 35% over the past five years. It’s just one more reason why this pharma stock could handle any coming downturn even if one doesn’t divest company shares anytime soon.

Insider Monkey Health’s database of stakes in the company stood at 68 hedge fund years as of the end of the third quarter of 2022. are worth keeping.

Iron Mountain Inc

The Iron Mountain Incorporated Ticker Irm Company’s dividend yield is 4.8 percent. Irm is a real estate investment trust also known as Wreath that focuses on storage and information management services. and digital assets such as art collectibles documents and digital data by September 2022.

Services include digital imaging record management secure shredding and digital workflow automation The stock not only offers an attractive 5.25 dividend yield. Rather the stock is closer to 5. The broader S&P 500 is down nearly 17 percent.

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Its total revenue has increased by 15 percent. T Earnings recently saw a 10 percent increase in adjusted funds from operations over the past 11 years, largely as a result of rising demand for its services. The company has consistently paid dividends to the shareholders. It beat the market’s estimates on revenue for the fourth quarter of 2021 by $10 million, which was guidance for 2022.

Also strong with the third quarter of 2022 expected to be around $5.275 billion against the $5 billion forecast. Rosenbaum of Stifle maintained a buy rating on Iron Mountain stock and raised the price target from 52 to 62. Increased flexibility to accelerate the rate of revenue growth.

Arbor Realty Trust Inc dividend stocks

The Arbor Realty Trust Incorporated ticker ABR REIT dividend yield is 11.23 percent. Arbor Realty Trust Incorporated is a New York-based real estate investment trust also known as a REIT. ABR distributes at least 90 percent of taxable income to shareholders. Arbor provides total nationwide solutions.

Many other flexible options open in early November 2022 to meet your multi-family financing needs, including Fannie Mae Freddie Mac FHA, and Bridge Loans. The stock jumped after the company’s strong third-quarter results raised its quarterly dividend to 40 cents per share. The quarter came in at 56 cents, crushing consensus estimates of 36 cents in mid-February.

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The firm declared a quarterly dividend of 37 cents per share, an increase of nearly 3 percent from the previous dividend of 36 cents. There were two business segments. The firm operates in and includes structured loan origination and agency loan origination.

One of the shareholder returns of the company. Ranked first in the real estate market over the last five years in April 2022 Piper Sandler analyst Crispin Love initiates coverage of Arbor Realty Trust Incorporated stock with an Overweight rating and $20 Diversified Revenue Model highlighting industry tailwinds and multi-family price target.

Bridge Space and an attractive valuation as some catalyst for shares at the end of the third quarter of 2022 13 hedge funds in Insider Monkey’s database held a $99 million stake in Arbor Realty Trust, similar in value to the previous quarter. Alphabet and Microsoft Corporation Arbor Realty Trust plus $68 million among stocks hedge funds are buying amid growing market uncertainty.

BHP Group Ltd stocks

The BHP Group ticker BHP Company’s dividend yield is 11.09 percent. The Company Group is a diversified metal and mining firm, the company revealed in April 2022 that it would have access to enough renewable energy to run three nickel mine operations in Australia starting in 2024.

Two of these operations get their power through a wind power agreement with the Italian company El Green Power.

A contract was signed last year between the company and electric vehicle maker Tesla. Under this, the latter will receive a nickel from a Western Australian mining operation Ephraim Ravi, a City analyst who picked the stock BHP Group will buy from neutral in April 2022.

Genco Shipping and trading limited | dividend stocks

Genco Shipping and Trading Limited ticker GNK The company’s dividend yield is 21 percent. GNK Transports Oceans Drive Bulk Cargoes The company raised its quarterly dividend from 15 cents per share to 67 cents per share in March 2022. The board has increased to around 350.

The firm’s directors have also approved a new dividend policy going into 2022. The quarterly payouts under the policy will be calculated using a new formula. Including dividends from 2021 and earnings projections for 2022. In February 2022, Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd.

posted earnings per share of 1.99 for the fourth quarter of 2021, 5 cents below estimates. Revenue for the period was $183 million, up 91% year over year.

Vale SA dividend stocks

Veil sa ticker VALE3 The company’s dividend yield is 9.26 percent. A multinational corporation specializing in mining and metals. VALE3 formerly known as the company Avail do Rio dos a. The world’s largest producer of nickel and iron ore veil in March 2022 Brazil is one of the largest logistics providers.

HSBC analyst Jonathan Brandt upgraded Veil SA stock to buy from hold and raised the price target to $21.50 from $17.25, noting that metals prices are set to strengthen for a prolonged period given supply issues and higher inflation. Was on the way.

Chimera Investment Corporation

Chimera Investment Corporation ticker CIM The company’s dividend yield is 14.22 percent. CIM is an internally managed real estate investment trust or REIT that was founded in 2007. CIM headquarters are in New York City.

The primary investment focus is on residential mortgage loan asset securitization and mortgage-related securities. Barclays analyst Mark Davis raised the price target on Chimera Investment Corporation stock from 11 to 14 for early 2022 and the end of the third quarter of 2022.

14 Hedge sees a strong economy and housing market driving solid fundamentals for the firm Maintained underweight rating while supporting. The fund holds a stake in the company in Insider Monkey’s database.

Two Harbors Investment Corp | dividend stocks

The Two Harbors Investment Corporation ticker symbol Two Company’s dividend yield is 16.95 percent. Only five years to April of 2022. JP Morgan analyst Richard Shen maintains a neutral rating on Two Harbors Investment Corporation stock with a price target of $5.

Given that central activity and a decrease in activity in the mortgage-backed securities market, normalization should accelerate. Process for the real estate sector This concludes our list of the top 10 best stocks to boost your dividend income. Comment below which of these stocks you would like to add to your investment portfolio. Best of luck with your investment and thanks for viewing the post.


I am not a financial advisor. Always engage a Financial Adviser to advise you on financial decisions. Always do your research as the information and tips shared in these blogs are for educational purposes only. The Information and tips are therefore not investment advice. If you decide to invest without your own research, you do so at your own risk. No rights can be derived from the information discussed in this blog. investing involves risks, you can lose (part of) your investment.

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