Top 10 Stocks That Can Make You Richer in 2023


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every single quarter we could see average Joe investors inside the minds of all the best investors in the world? See what they were buying. We can only hold on to the power of 13-F filings. The information is withheld from the public for 45 days. So unfortunately we are always looking into the past. It’s a bit annoying, but it means I can see what all my favorite investors are buying or selling each quarter. You guys know there is a very useful website that I call Data Roamer. Which actually tracks 79 super investors and compiles a list of the most bought stocks each quarter. In this post let’s talk through the top 10 most-bought stocks by Smart Money. Let’s take a look at the top 10 stocks most bought by our super investors in the last quarter.

best 5 stocks to invest in 2023

Top 10 Stocks That Can Make You Richer in 2023

  1. Adobe stocks. NASDAQ: ADBE
  2. US Bancorp stocks. NYSE: USB
  3. Netflix stocks. NASDAQ: NFLX
  4. PayPal Holdings stocks. NASDAQ: PYPL
  5. Booking Holdings stocks. NASDAQ: BKNG
  6. Walt Disney stock. NYSE: DIS
  8. Microsoft Corp stocks. NASDAQ: MSFT
  9. Meta Platforms. NASDAQ: META
  10. Alphabet stock. NASDAQ: G-O-O-G-L

adobe stock price forecast

Adobe is the creator of various pieces of software known as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. etc. They are a very strong trench company. They apparently have a switching mode much to my own personal frustration as we here at the office use their programs all the time. Quite honestly they suck but obviously, this is a good thing as a business to retain your profits. Which includes a total of seven super investors. Quite a big drop as Adobe shares fell 20% throughout Q2.

Top Stocks US Bancorp

We have US Bancorp I can’t really add any flavor when it comes to banks that are not my circle of competence it’s specifically both Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, again the seven super investors in Q2 were brought in as the stock fell across 13.

Netflix stock forecast

We have to guess what Netflix again seven super investors are buying into such a strong moat company. Yes, I said it’s an interesting one. Because this quarter’s headlines were pretty much like oh Disney Plus. Netflix is losing customers. When you really dig down to the surface you find that Netflix is by far the dominant streaming service. His share of screen time is more than any other player. It’s like beating youtube too. They obviously collect a lot more revenue per subscriber than other streaming. Services So if you combine this with the fact that the share price has moved over 53 in Q2. That’s a recipe for super investors to pick up a lot of interest.

Top Stocks We Include PayPal

We have PayPal this time eight super investors decided to buy and again it’s another strong model company. They have a very strong network of users which has given them almost 50 shares of the online payment processing market. The stock registered a decline of around 40 percent in Q2 as well. , I’m certainly not surprised to see super investors taking an interest.

booking holdings stock news

We have booking holdings. Eight of our super investors bought into Booking Holdings, a collection of travel-related businesses including and, kayak, Agoda,, and OpenTable. As all travel businesses have suffered a lot in 2020. 2021 but are now well and truly on the mend. With the stock bouncing around in Q2, it looks like eight super investors saw value at some point during the quarter. Now that we’ve gotten to the top five, we’re actually circling through the first five but I want to spend a little more time on the five biggest purchases in Q2.

Disney stock forecast

We have Disney again a big moat company, so 10 super investors decided to buy into Disney after the stock price fell 31% in Q2. I think that’s what super investors are seeing here. That’s pretty mispricing for the long term as their earnings are still a long way from returning to pre-2020 positions. Investors have had plenty of reasons to be optimistic over the past few months. For example, first of all, more and more people are returning to their parks.

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Revenue from admissions has doubled year over year, driving operating income for their parks experience and products segment to $356 million and a large increase from q21 to $2.2 billion in q2 this year. It also signaled to their CEO, Bob Chapek, that demand was now strong enough that they could start raising their prices at their parks. A very good sign for that segment. On top of this, we saw a 15% increase in their operating income.

Disney plus stock Buy Now

The domestic broadcast and cable business, so those are two important businesses from a current financial perspective that both their park and then their broadcast and cable are running well. Also, we have good news from their streaming endeavors. 15 million new Disney Plus subscribers and an interesting price hike are on the way. If you look at the financials this segment is still certainly not great, direct to consumer operating loss increased from million to over 1 billion year-over-year. But remember that Disney Plus has been up until this point. Intentionally focusing on undermining Netflix to attract more and more subscribers.

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Thus aka they are intentionally wallowing in as much market share as possible. So what the t price increase tells us is that the management team now believes they have achieved critical mass, or market share, of 150 million customers. Now you can focus on increasing average revenue per user to get your streaming efforts in the black.

That’s what’s going on at Disney and as I said the stock is down 31% in Q2, I think that’s what attracted these super investors to the long term. If we turn only to Wall Street, their inbuilt Discounted Cash Flow analysis suggests the stock may be. If you focus on the long term, it is worth a lot at the current price. It’s never going to be a 10 20 30 bagger. But a lot of these super investors I think are betting on healthy returns over the long term, so now it’s Disney.

MSFT Stock

We have Microsoft yet another big moat company. Microsoft has a very strong and varied switching mode which is a result of all their software, just take a look at all their different software products and services, as You can see and it is growing quite steadily.

should I invest in meta stock?

Certainly, Meta is an interesting one that was bought by 17 of our super investors in q2s the share price fell about 30%. Even today the stock hasn’t really recovered. Who would have thought a few years ago that we would see Facebook with a PE of just 13? Here we are.

This is for a few reasons, firstly Apple and Google have prohibited data tracking for advertising. Macroeconomic conditions are affecting the budgets of large advertisers. Metaverse is also investing heavily in development. Which is a project that is going to leave a hole in Meadows’s finances for many years to come. Only Meta from their reality lab unit 2. The point is that the advertising business is responsible for basically all of Meadows’ revenue.

how to invest in meta facebook

Right now the economic situation is getting tougher and tougher. Investors are concerned that Meta’s big advertising customers are going to pull back on their spending and that Meta will suffer in the near future. We anticipate the weaker advertising demand environment that we experienced in the second quarter. Which they believe is being driven by wider macroeconomic uncertainty. But here’s the thing and that’s why Meta is right at the top of this list as you know if you are a long-term investor. Who cares why you would stress about the macroeconomic environment over the next year or two?

So you definitely shouldn’t answer it. But the vast majority of funds should be remembered. The market is short-term focused. That’s exactly how we get these huge misconceptions in solid businesses as long-term investors. Only short-term money is getting worried because if you take a look at meta they have a very strong track record of growth. Plus 12.7 billion in straight-up cash, 28 billion in short-term securities, and zero long-term debt, which means you have cash when you need it. You do not owe anything to anyone. I’m not surprised super investors have jumped on it, given the security’s five out of six valuation score from Wall Street and a huge margin on their discounted cash flow analysis.

Top Alphabet Stocks

Google was the most bought stock by our super investors in Q2 2022. Of our 79 super investors, 24 bought Alphabet in one way or another in Q2. In all, 16 super investors bought Class A shares. 13 bought class c shares. Apparently, some bought both. So what is the difference in share class?

They are pretty much the same thing. Except Class A shares have voting rights. Not class C shares, but anyhow super investors were very interested in Alphabet in the last quarter. Which includes the one and only Li Liu for those who don’t know Li Liu is that person. This company probably has the best financials I’ve seen in a publicly traded stock.

The economy could really fall off a cliff and Google would be just fine. I mean look at the stats for five years – Average revenue growth over the last five years 24 Earnings per share 46 Equity 13 Free cash flow 24 Average return on investor capital 18 They have 125 billion in cash or short-term investments and they only have 15 in debt It’s a billion. They have a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.1. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Yeah, that business is very solid, it’s growing in their Q2 earnings, they noted that regardless of macro they are seeing ad spend growth by large advertisers which is good. They delivered six percent more impressions during Q2, a two percent increase in cost per impression, so really the only thing that happened was that the stock went up that much. Google now also gives a six out of six valuation score.
I hope you still enjoy it.


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