Top 15 Massively undervalued stocks 2023


Recession makes the rich rich and the poor poor. Why? Rich people know how to take full advantage of the economy and its cycles while the poor get swept away by a market they don’t even watch you we rarely do stock videos and pay attention to what happened last time we did this Let’s say that by the end of this blog. not only will you have a list of 15 massively undervalued stocks we’re investing in right now, but you’ll also have a better understanding of what makes a market observer an activist. How to progress as a player?

Welcome to Netway9. is The place future billionaires come to get inspired. The best time to invest is when there is blood on the streets which is a metaphor for the entire stock market looking red. We’ll make sure to keep this blog as beginner friendly as possible, especially since this is not financial advice. Just letting you know how we are moving some of our money during these times.

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Best 15 Massively undervalued stocks list 2023

  1. Airbnb, Inc. (ABNB) Stock
  2. Adobe Inc. ( undervalued stocks)
  3. NVIDIA Corporation
  4. unity software stock
  5. Nike stock undervalued stocks
  6. Under Armour, Inc. (UA)
  7. PayPal Holdings Inc
  8. square (Block Inc)
  9. Spotify Technology SA
  10. Coinbase Global Inc
  11. Palantir Technologies Inc
  12. Netflix Inc
  13. Walt Disney Company
  14. Starbucks Corporation
  15. UiPath Inc

Airbnb stock forecast

Airbnb is currently priced at $109 per share. We love Airbnb. We’re big fans of Brian Chesky and what he’s doing out there.

The company is down from 44 in the last six months and is currently trading under $120 per share we bought. In the coming weeks, it was a company that had to be wiped out by covid and they still brought in $6 billion. Revenue has been crushed lately to the tech companies last year but the underlying business is valuable and good.

We use Airbnb. We think their product is getting better and we’re going to see them as the entire hotel industry in terms of the next 12 months. See it as a major competitor. Do not expect a stock to stay below 200, giving investors a return of at least 50%. It’s a company we love with a product we use with a vision for the future and with over 2 billion in free operating cash flow.

adobe is a good stock to buy

Adobe is currently priced at $395 per share. airbnb Adobe is down 42 in the last six months and is currently trading at four hundred dollars a share and is better than Airbnb.

Adobe has been making money year after year since we became an investor in 2017. This is a highly profitable company in a space that is growing faster than ever and 12 months from now with products continuously improving we are expecting at least one retracement return.

Along with the rise of Web3, Digital will provide investors with at least 40% returns and we are betting hard on the companies that will play a part in creating this new market which brings us to the next company.

nvidia stock is a good investment

Nvidia is priced at $166 a share right now. Most people can’t understand this, but the metaverse is really coming, it’s already here, it’s all going to run on graphics processing units or GPUs, they’re in every computer, it’s your computer. Allows generating the view. Nvidia is one of our superstars from everything we see.

That will depend on the type of software they produce and that includes gaming VRAR and metaverse worlds, these niches are growing exponentially faster than anything else around and GPUs are essential for all of them.

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The space is Nvidia and there is no way they are not going to make a bank in the next decade we follow the same market pattern the share price is down from 46 in the last six months and it is currently trading around $166 is doing, averaging 36 profit margins and bringing in over $25 billion in revenue this year, in our opinion, there’s no reason for the huge discount we’re seeing on the share price rate right now. The best case scenario is you are doubling your money in the next 12 months Worst case scenario the stock will be around 160 so not much to lose Can’t wait to see if we are right Especially since the next company is taking advantage of Nvidia technology.

unity software stocks, Unity Software widely undervalued stock

unity software Massively undervalued stocks. Unity is one of our more aggressive plays in each portfolio, you should have some of these that have the ability to outdo everything. There are two big players in the game engine world.

Unreal Engine is now owned by the Chinese companies Tencent and Unity however Unreal has unlimited funds available. Unity is the underdog capable of holding its own software that allows for ultra-realistic graphics. What you see on the screen right now is not a real human.

We believe that in the next decade we’ll cross what’s called the uncanny valley, a point in technology where you won’t be able to tell if what you’re looking at is a real human or if it’s computer generated.

Integration is playing a big role in this so let’s talk about financial integration with a massive 82% drop in the last six months trading above $30 per share this is a complete asymmetric risk situation from our perspective with potential provided incredible returns for investors over the next 12 months.

The company had sales of $320 million in the first quarter which is a ballpark of what they spent last year to acquire Parsec, these may be the famous last words here but Unity is probably going to be just fine.

Nike stock price history | Massively undervalued stocks

Nike’s price point is $109 per share right now. We love Nike. We buy products from them.

We enjoy their products and they are part of the culture. You should own shares in companies that don’t sell the products you love until their products stop meeting your needs.

If you remember this rule, you will do well in the investment world, Nike is iconic but despite its size, brand power, and reputation, it stuck to the market and won with everyone, they lost almost 40% in the last six months.

The percentages are paltry, for a company that has been steadily increasing sales year after year, a company that brought in nearly $45 billion in revenue last year. The year when all this puzzle finally fades the stock will be fine because any business with this kind of brand loyalty will be able to last twelve months from now you should see more than a 50% return on your investment.

Under Armour, Inc. (UA) Stock

Under Armour Priced at $11 a Share Right Now If you’ve seen our last video, you know why we love Under Armour. We jumped to $8 a share in April 2020 and closed our position at $21 a share last October. ended, as we now realize. This would be a good time to jump back to the past six months, Under Armour stock is down 60%, they are a great company and as with everything else on this list we enjoy their products, we are downtrodden.

love and how creative they are. Gotta keep up with the big boys like Nike and Adidas and they’re doing pretty well. They’ve been able to stay competitive with a smaller profit margin than Nike at 6%, for example at 12. It’s like this when you market.

Want to enter and build the brand, revenue of 5.6 billion doesn’t lie in terms of 12-month projections. We expect the stock to return somewhere in the 20 range, at which point we can consider. To partially end our position and Alexa If this is your first meltdown, we recommend the book written by Tony Robbins, you can visit FreeBooks.

PayPal stock | Massively undervalued stocks

PayPal is currently priced at $76 per share. PayPal is one of those counter-intuitive bets that it’s too techy for old people to care about it, but Web3 is too old tech for kids to make it cool. PayPal is no longer a great business, but it is still making a lot of money and growing in users.

Most people don’t know that 22 out of all our online transactions are handled through PayPal and even that company has completely crashed. 65 all-time high in the last six months 300 per share only 10 months back and the same share is trading at around 75 today this is a company that brought in $25 billion last year and is growing everywhere around the world is where more and more people get access to online marketplaces.

You know Venmo do you use Venmo well PayPal actually owns e-commerce as part of its payments ecosystem. Entering markets with rapid online penetration, it’s first of all we think PayPal has a pretty strong case to stay.

square block inc news

From one payment processor to another the class price is $78 a share right now we prefer to bet on multiple players in the same industry because if we think the industry is expanding it doesn’t matter if you are the right horse. Square is a brainchild.

One of our favorite entrepreneurs, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is down nearly 70 percent in the past six months. We started investing in Square in mid-2020 at $85 per share as their growth began and because we were constantly rebalancing the portfolio/we were fully exited at $265 at the end of October last year On a per-share basis this is one of the best investments we have made and now the stock is back under 80.

We want to get on that ride again The company is making bank and capturing the square with Elon’s Twitter Jack more focused and honestly we are expecting at least 2x in the next 12 months from where we are today.

Spotify stock forecast

Spotify is one of those companies that we had in our portfolio, we entered at 150, exited at 250, and forgot about it when it was a technical accident, we checked our favorites and lo and see what Spotify lasts Year was trading on less than 100 shares.

They funded $1.5 billion and the company is looking a lot better than the market on paper, you would believe yes, they are one of those companies that loses a little money every year but the number of paying users is increasing.

While Spotify has gone up against Apple and Google year after year and they’ve still made a name for themselves, we think they’re a viable candidate for over 50% returns over the next 12 months.

coinbase stock price prediction | undervalued stocks

Coinbase is priced at $66 a share right now, we’re going there because it just might be the best trade on this entire list. Coinbase, the largest regulated crypto exchange in the United States, is trading at 66 per share, down from 350 in the stock in November. 80 is down in the last six months.

Now it is a super fast-growing business in an emerging sector making between 25 to 50% margin whether the price of crypto is up or down, exchanges don’t care about the price of coins transacted on the platform Because they make their money on the commission on the said transactions.

The number of users is increasing revenue is increasing profits are increasing yet the stock its profit to earning ratio is 5.6 for those of you into financial analysis and this is a very good apple, for example, has a pay of 23.1 up to this point you know that we believe that crypto is here to stay.

We are piling there as well as this is an opportunity for those of you who want exposure to crypto but d once this crypto bear market is over We all don’t want to be trapped in the purse coins and exchange environment. We are expecting Coinbase stock to trade above 200, this may actually be one of those moments where stock investing can become less risky. And more profitable than crypto.

palantir stock price target

Palantir is priced at $8 per share right now We don’t care how many times we have to say that this is Peter Thiel one of the greatest investors of all time and Palantir is his baby. Palantir is down about 70 in the last six months, the company makes software.

For nation-level organizations, the United States government is actually one of their biggest customers. The new world war is a technological one. We believe that China will overtake us as the number one superpower, but the US won’t go down easily. Their only chance is through high-end tech and Palantir to play a bigger role.

There is also the kind of companies that can afford to lose money indefinitely until it provides value to the state and although they did lose $500 million last year they have the assets to cover it and the money is worth it. There is a contract to come. We’re expecting the stock to return above $10 a share, so if you’re past that you should see gains in the next 12 months.

Netflix price stock

Netflix is ​​currently stock priced at $200 per share.

You love to hate on Netflix, but we know you’re binge-watching Selling Sunset. Netflix’s recent dump is extraordinary in our eyes yes it was the first time in the history of the company that it did not proceed the way they expected it, they try very hard to create politically correct content And they don’t have a consistent bang, but most of you have a Netflix subscription. Netflix stock is up 75% over the past six months, but the thing is, Netflix is ​​actually making more money every year, so fundamentally as the business continues to grow, the stock price reacted in a strange mode, though other Players are making their way into the streaming world.

We have no reason to believe Netflix is ​​supposed to. So it is only a matter of time until the market corrects upwards.

Walt Disney company stock | undervalued stocks

Walt Disney is currently priced at 105 per share, but Disney is killing it when it comes to streaming services.

Right after the end game, everyone thought it was all over, but no, they’re still releasing bangers, Disney Plus is expanding like crazy in every geography and they’re giving Amazon Netflix, and HBO a run for their money. best Massively undervalued Walt Disney stocks

Given the stock drop of 35% over the past six months, we wanted more and this is a particularly interesting price point because Disney stock is back to the price point it was five years ago so basically You’re getting the Disney company’s five-year progress at the same price point that Disney brought in $67.4 billion last year and as their digital business grows.

The greater benefit of this would be the strong brand great service the stuff we love equally. A recipe for predicting success is hard to pin down with Disney, but we don’t see the stock going down from here, 12 months from now we expect 50-plus returns for investors.

Starbucks stock price target

Starbucks is currently a stock priced at $97 per share. We love branded companies and there are few brands with more staying power than Starbucks, driving the stock price from 115 to 35 to nearly 70 trade-wise over the past six months.

It’s all looking good, the company has made a comeback well-coveted and even brought in nearly $30 billion last year and the world is getting back to normal as we see it. We think more and more people will go to Starbucks. People don’t want to go back to the office but they want to get out.

Starbucks has a culture of entrepreneurial writer designers working out of their coffee shops that fit really well into the current narrative and they make good coffee. We’re treading cautiously here because rents and commodity prices go up, depending on how bad inflation gets. Still, there may be a second fall in the prices.

UiPath Business Automation Platform | undervalued stocks 2023

UiPath Inc the last company on our list is in the automation business they are making bots to replace humans in multinational companies the share price has gone up to 76 since their IPO but from an operational point of view, it looks like the company is finally Is. The CEO focused on the various growth divisions and once that all clears up we should see steady upward momentum with AI and more and more aggressive driving core functionalities.
Ideally, over the next 12 months, we would recommend you look through this list and pick five stocks in which you think the only way to learn financial education is to have some skin in the game, whatever trading or investment platform you use. . want abundance.
of them and we have refused to be sponsored by them to keep this blog honest everything you learn today is our personal point of view and we are putting our money where our mouth wants to play with investment and Wants to come back to this blog after a few months from now. and see where your portfolio is hopefully we are all rich enough which makes us wonder what percentage annual return you are comfortable with is it 10 20 50 or are you trying to strike gold?
Let us know in the comments and of course, we have a secret bonus for a true elixir waiting at the end. Phases of Global Recession Yes, we are already in recession, economic growth will slow down in the second half of 2023. Maybe early next year but there is a high probability that we will have three or four major financial events in the next 12 months.

Before we go through this, the poor will get richer and the poor will shake up the markets, the prices of everything have gone up through this, everything is 30 percent more expensive than it was two years ago due to pro-inflation, but Wages have not increased at all, the poor are still being paid the same and it has reached a point in which they are completely ruined if they keep playing the current financial game.

If to take away from this blog There is one thing for you and that is the golden nugget we have reserved just for you guys. It is that patience builds wealth, it is not important how long you are willing to wait for your well to mix, but how long you are willing to wait to take a step and when When the time comes, make moves that are decisive We’ve learned from Warren Buffett’s right-hand man Charlie Munker that he’s willing to wait five years sitting on billions in cash to find an opportunity to grow, and when he does, So they’re going to kill. Most of you will like this blog, and maybe some of you also like the undervalued stocks which we have mentioned. Some of you will spend a few hundred dollars to feel like you’re getting in, maybe get some vacation money, but some of you are sitting on the fence thinking that unfortunately none of your Will be able to pull the trigger on your behalf, and neither will we. Position yourself.

Watch the market and expand your window of opportunity decisively over the next six months, as this move could have ramifications for years to come, we hope each of you enjoys the blog. Read till the end and you will be prosperous.


I am not a financial advisor. Always engage a Financial Adviser to advise you on financial decisions. Always do your research as the information and tips shared in these blogs are for educational purposes only. The Information and tips are therefore not investment advice. If you decide to invest without your own research, you do so at your own risk. No rights can be derived from the information discussed in this blog. investing involves risks, you can lose (part of) your investment.

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