Verizon stock dividend (VZ) | Quick Valuation and Analysis. Buy Now

Today we’re going to take a look at the Verizon stock dividend ticker VZ. The market continues to slide and Verizon has now dropped below 40 for the first time since early 2012 at levels not seen in over a decade. Verizon is an extremely popular stock with dividend investors because of its very juicy yield.

Let’s take a closer look at Verizon’s business dividend and determine the fair value for Verizon stock and see whether this is a stock we should buy. Please keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor or guru just a regular person who wants to share my love for dividends. Nothing in this post should be invested in as financial advice involving investing in the stock market involves risk.

Verizon stock dividend analysis

So please do your own due diligence. Ok, so guys if Verizon is a buy this is the best opportunity we’ve had in over a decade. Now another way to look at this is that Verizon has been a bad investment for the past decade. To know that we will have to look at its historical performance and which is going to be recorded on 23rd September 2022. So Verizon is down 9.7 percent in the last month.

Verizon was down 25 percent last year. We were down over 27% over the last five years, we’re down over 20 percent and we’re down over 13% over the last 10 years in fact, if you had invested in Verizon from the beginning and you could see all-time highs You were really down and Verizon never came close to its highs.

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valuations during the dot com bubble of 1999 and 2000. But this doesn’t tell the whole story as Verizon pays a hefty dividend. Price alone is not a factor in performance so to get an accurate look at investment performance we must look at the total return and then past You’re also almost zero-five percent on your investment with dividends in five years and over the last 10 years.

The dividend you’re up about 35 percent over 10 years. Here’s the five-year total return when placed against the S&P 500. Here is the 10-year total return of Verizon vs SP64 five year return and 212 10-year return. Really the only reason I can see to buy Verizon is its dividend. I would suggest that unless you are buying it for current income and living off dividends there are much better places to invest your hard-earned money.

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These momentum graphs show it in comparison to the broader market which shows it perfectly. As we know that past performance does not guarantee future results and 10 year low can be an interesting value and we have never been able to do that. Get Verizon at this current 6.6 percent yield. Now, this can also be a value trap. troubling us with that high yield.

why is Verizon so hard

Why Verizon has been hit so hard and, more importantly, why at least some of this 20-plus percent decline over the past three months may be an overreaction. Verizon is a struggling company that is being dragged down even further by the overall bear market of 2022. Rivals T and T-Mobile have managed to improve their network coverage in recent years. It becomes more difficult for Verizon to charge a premium for the services that they no longer have.

Verizon is a business that brings in a ton of cash flow from recurring revenue from its customer base. But bringing in new customers is a challenge and growth has been slow for cell phone service. The US is considered completely saturated with almost every American adult and teen having a cell phone. Growth options are limited companies like Verizon are forced to keep their prices competitive.

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Aggressive promotions are offered to lure customers away from AT and T-Mobile. Looking at their revenue it is clear that their growth is slow to steady A decline from last year when Verizon’s price was in the high fifties Verizon makes payments in the months of February May August and November and those payments come at the beginning of the month Verizon has a ton of debt, a market cap of $165 billion cap company and they carry $179 billion in total debt. Their net debt to capital is 67 percent.

Verizon stock analyst predictions

The current yield for the 20-year AAA bond is 4.09, given analyst predictions. It is from this model that the horizon is significantly lower, giving us an estimated fair value of 56.90. Let’s look at the dividend discount model, the historical five-year annual growth rate is three percent and the last growth was two percent. It was a good idea for the future. I assumed a growth rate of 3.3 percent as I did for Graham’s valuation at a sustainable growth rate of two percent and a discount rate of nine percent. His current free cash flow is a little over 10 billion and his shares outstanding are 4.18 billion.

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The estimated fair value dividend for the discounted cash flow model came very close to the dividend model at 37.35. Yield Theory Model For the next valuation, we’re only comparing Verizon’s five-year historical average yield, which is 4.45 percent. Which is its current 6.6 percent and if Verizon were to revert to this mean it would be worth 58.65. The valuation is simply looking at the historical PE and then calculating that the historical PE of the five-year PE is currently priced at 11.6 today. Whereas the current is 7.8 and this will give us a fair value of 59.28. Average analyst price targets and price targets vary between 33 to 68 on the low end which gives us an average of 51.53, factoring all this together I believe Verizon’s fair value is around 50.29 right at that 50 point which is 27 percent higher than today

Verizon is significantly undervalued for its stock if we assume the assumptions are correct. But don’t assume that my assumptions are correct. The calculation may have gone wrong somewhere while evaluating in this way and trying to find out. A Good Buy Value Value I always like to have a margin of safety for a stock like Verizon.

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