VOO stock dividend | voo stock dividend yield


Today we will share the information about VOO stock dividend. Currently, VOO stock price is sitting at $437 and their year-to-date return is 28%. Their five-year cumulative return is 113. VOO 10-year cumulative return is 280 percent and then we come to the dividend yield here at 1.24 percent.

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Each share you own per year will set you back five dollars and 44 cents on my calculator. It’s sitting at a share price today of 437 had a dividend yield of 1.24 expense ratio. 03 It pays a quarterly dividend. Every quarter you’re going to get about one dollar 35 cents with about five dollars and fifty cents per year and you remember the annual Roth rate was 30 percent year over year this year. The overall growth rate for this fund according to Vanguard’s website is approximately 15%.

VOO stock dividend | voo stock dividend yield

So let’s say we have invested 10 000 in VOO. After one year we will have 11 600. If we say that our entire emergency fund is in VOO. Now, remember this is a safe bet so some years it could be 30, and then some years it could be 20.

But let’s take it in one year only. Your 10,000 would have grown to 13,000 dollars and then if twenty percent your 10,000 would have grown to 12,000. Again if you take a look at these numbers after ten years. It is highly unlikely that ten years from now you will have a market growth for VOOs of 20 every year.

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We are all looking forward to the annual dividend if you have a value of eight thousand dollars. So you get a million dollars. Excuse me, you get a hundred dollars in dividends. If you had eighty thousand dollars. So you will get a thousand dollars in a year. Dividends and then for one thousand dollars a month or twelve thousand a year you would need nine hundred sixty-seven thousand. and for one hundred thousand dollars a year you would need eight million dollars.

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