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WWE (wwe stock) CEO Vince McMahon was forced to step down over allegations of misconduct. That sent share prices down, but is this an opportunity to pick up the company cheaply? WWE was down nine percent. Vince McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. stepped down from his role as CEO amid a misconduct investigation, and his daughter Stephanie McMahon has become the interim CEO of the wrestling company. He has hired outside counsel to assist with the investigation. It was a magazine for WWE Magazine, then WWE recently acquired them
The number one competitor was World Championship Wrestling and so it was all a company and then they ran a storyline where the kids actually bought the business under Vince McMahon. You had these interesting magazine articles that came out and one of them was Stephanie McMahon setting Vincent Mann’s picture on fire saying you know she’s taking over the whole company now.

wwe stock analysis

So it’s really funny how life is imitating art now where the guy coming in is going down in flames. At least her reputation is on track with this investigation and Stephanie McMahon has taken over the company, at least in the interim. In the article, The Wall Street Journal reported that the WWE board was investigating a secret three-million-dollar deal. The longtime CEO agreed to pay a departed employee. With whom he allegedly had an affair, the Board has appointed an outside counsel to assist in the probe. and Mr. McMahon will retain his role and responsibilities related to the creative content of WWE during this period. But will surrender the duties of his CEO and President till the investigation is over.

Stephanie McMahon stepped down from her role as Chief Brand Officer of WWE (wwe stock) last month, saying she wanted to take time off to focus on her family. We all thought it was a little weird because it’s weird that he left his post which is now coming back. So soon I feel there is more to the story as to why she left. Because here’s the thing and not many people know her husband Paul Levesque who was a pro wrestler at the time and was a huge heel or bad guy to her. Under the name of Triple H, he teamed up with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Wrestled people like The Rock, running main storylines as villains against those two types of hero characters. Le Her husband is a C-suite executive at the company and so is she. She is taking out time to spend well with her family. Where is the family, the family is still traveling with the company as Paul is still working?

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The other thing I wanted to point out is that Vince McMahon not having the CEO or chairman seat is not a big deal. Here’s why there is a name that is most important to the organization. This is not Vince McMahon. Now it is a name by the name of Nick Khan. WWE chairman Nick Khan helped the company generate record revenue last year, most of it from selling content rights.

That includes a five-year exclusive deal through 2021 with NBCUniversal’s More streaming platform. Which is worth about one billion dollars. The company also has a TV licensing agreement with Fox NBC Universal and it is that big. They have recently bagged their first standalone international distribution deal with Disney Plus Host R in Indonesia. The company has a deal with Hulu which streams WWE’s Monday Night Raw, the flagship brand of WWE.

The biggest cash cow for WWE will be exclusive streaming rights to its TV properties on Disney Plus. And now I don’t know if this happens or not because there isn’t enough background information. But I think that’s the direction they’re going and just going back to this exhibit. It’s a similar story in WWE, Vince gets all the credit and he should but the real heavy hitters at least lately and their real CEO, in my opinion, is Nick Khan. WWE is fine. The company would have a much better on-screen product if Vince walks away and just does creative work and to be honest if they let Paul Levesque have Triple H run talent first and not Vince

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If Triple H handles the creative and Nikon handles the business side of the business. Even though Vince McMahon is no longer associated with the company. I really think they have a better product overall. The investigation into Mr. McMahon began in April discussing his relationship with her, who was hired as a paralegal in 2019 and has unearthed other old non-disclosure agreements that include claims from former female WWE employees. The board’s inquiry was prompted by a series of spoof emails. were sent this spring, threatening to disclose.

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Three million dollar settlement between Mr. McMahon and former WWE employee. I personally don’t think Vince McMahon ever gets back to his CEO position because it sounds so legit. We’ll see how this kind of plays out, I don’t know how it will go down. But just the way everything has happened, it seems like there’s a lot of credibilities here, but once again I’m not making any allegations. Overall how the company looks to investors. WWE is a very well-run business. They have a very wide gap, they have very little debt. The company is inflation resistant, they have a very strong economic model. WWE stock-based compensation is more than 10% of his free cash flow. So they’re not necessarily as focused as the shareholder. And my goal is typically less than ten percent or about 10 stock-based free cash flow compensation.
The second thing I wanted to point out. Their revenue is still growing at a very healthy clip. Media is expected to grow at a rate of about six percent per year. Live events will continue to grow I think live events may slow if we have a consumer-led recession. But I don’t think that is happening with WWE because people go to their events even during a recession. Their consumer products are expected to grow by about six percent

wwe stock

Total revenue is expected to grow at that level. With the announcement of the new Disney Plus deal, revenue could definitely see a jump. Many people think that this company is not growing anymore because fewer and fewer people are going to live events. How important part of the business is through media sales and content distribution. It’s a content business with a high gross margin and content. The starving world we live in right now with Netflix, Disney, and Amazon fighting for content. WWE is a huge winner in this environment. They have content on Netflix. I haven’t seen Contact on Amazon yet. But clearly, they have content on Disney. They’re sitting on about $200 million in excess capital. They don’t actually have any net debt and that’s because they have all the cash in their short-term investments and only in their bank accounts that can fully cover that short-term. They have debt where as I am valuing the company well. I don’t think WWE is selling cheap uh using a terminal multiple of 15 times earnings. WWE May Not Have An Opportunity

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